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Angels of All Types

Today's share is with Warm Heart Wednesday , a weekly meme hosted by the generous Jenny Matlock of Off On My Tangent. Instead of a recent happening, I'm writing about a wonderful thing that took place in the distant past, which I was reminded about last week. * * * Once upon a time when I was a young thing living in San Francisco, I commuted 36 miles across the bay to my first dream job. Twice a day, I got to drive over the seven-mile long San Mateo-Hayward Bridge. Do you know how calming it is to drive over an expansive body of water? That's another story perhaps. Today my story is about my commute home one particular late afternoon. At the time, I drove an aging red Dodge Colt that I was constantly taking into the shop for something old to fix. No doubt you know where the story is heading. After safely getting over the beautiful bridge and up the freeway to the City, the car chose to give up on the heavily traveled Sixth Street, which was then known as where a

Random Scenes: First Meeting

First Meeting by Su- sieee ! Mac Lianne and Brian tumbled to the sand, their legs tangling together. Two barking Saint Bernard puppies rushed up and climbed all over them. “Off, Pooch! Get off!” Lianne and Brian said at the same time in the same stern voice. Neither of the puppies obeyed.  “I give up!” Lianne laughed and tried to cover her face from an exuberant dog’s tongue. “You can’t give up!” Brian said between laughs. “Stop that Pooch!” “Look after your own dog,” said Lianne, managing to get a hold of her dog. “That’s what I am,” Brian said, holding his puppy to his chest.  “Your dog's name is Pooch?’”  “Yup.” “Copy cat.” “Pooch?” He nodded to Lianne’s pup.  “You bet.”  Brian grinned. “I’m in the midst of a genius.” “Or mediocrity,” said Lianne, grinning back. "What have we here?" Lianne gazed up at a tall woman who looked like she stepped out of a fashion magazine. "Honey," said Brian, his legs still entwined with Li