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Random Scenes: First Meeting

First Meeting
by Su-sieee! Mac

Lianne and Brian tumbled to the sand, their legs tangling together. Two barking Saint Bernard puppies rushed up and climbed all over them.

“Off, Pooch! Get off!” Lianne and Brian said at the same time in the same stern voice. Neither of the puppies obeyed.

 “I give up!” Lianne laughed and tried to cover her face from an exuberant dog’s tongue.

“You can’t give up!” Brian said between laughs. “Stop that Pooch!”

“Look after your own dog,” said Lianne, managing to get a hold of her dog.

“That’s what I am,” Brian said, holding his puppy to his chest.

 “Your dog's name is Pooch?’”


“Copy cat.”

“Pooch?” He nodded to Lianne’s pup.

 “You bet.”

 Brian grinned. “I’m in the midst of a genius.”

“Or mediocrity,” said Lianne, grinning back.

"What have we here?"

Lianne gazed up at a tall woman who looked like she stepped out of a fashion magazine.

"Honey," said Brian, his legs still entwined with Lianne's. "This woman's puppy is Pooch. Isn't that funny?"

"If you say so," the woman said. "I need to get to work, Brian."

She turned and headed towards the parking lot. Brian turned to Lianne, "I'm sorry. I don't know what happened."

"Me neither," Lianne said. "Up, Pooch!"

Both dogs stood up.

Lianne and Brian laughed. Brian stood up and held out a hand to Lianne.

"Thanks," said Lianne, "But, I think I'll sit here for awhile."

"Okay. Well,  uh, here's where you tell me your name."


"Lianne," he said, scooping up his dog. "I'm Brian. And, you know Pooch. Well, okay. I hope to run into you again."

"Same here," she said, holding onto her Pooch.


  1. hmmmm-who is the model-his wife? Lianne doesn't seem to mind

    1. His trophy girlfriend. I'm not sure if I like Brian. His puppy is his saving grace right now.


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