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I'm Not Scared of Rats.

10.  I feel like numbering. No reason.

9.  Molly the Cat chased a rat in the backyard yesterday evening. I opened the sliding door. Flash! Out went Molly. She hid behind two planters, her tail wagging. Zoom! There went a black rat. Jeez.

8.  I tell myself that there's no reason to be scared of rats.

7.  Shudder.

6.  Molly wouldn't follow me into the garage as I took out the garbage.

5.  No reason to be scared of rats.

4.  I wish I hadn't seen the rat.

3.  I cannot pretend that I saw the rat.

2.  If Molly catches the rat, she's going to rush it into the house.

1.  Shudder.


  1. Oooo-Yucky. I don't like rats. I hope Molly catches it but does not bring it to you in a "feel proud of me" moment

  2. Who ya gonna call? Rat-Busters!!!

    1. The worse thing about this, widders, is that I'm the only human in this house that see the rats. One thing I prefer to be ignorant about.


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