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Coming Soon!

Soon the view won't be so fair from this part of Fairview Road. Over 800 houses are in the process of being built there.  We've got developments growing all around our town. The not-so-affordable houses replace the orchards and truck farms. My stomach turns every time I drive by a development.

A Reminder

Ding-dong! This morning Molly the Cat and I were traipsing about in the backyard when the doorbell rang. Molly inspected the perimeter of the yard, making sure all was well, while I checked how much the garlic had grown in its pot. I'd spied a bit of green yesterday morning just before I stepped inside, thinking I'd look for sure when I went back outside. But I didn't go back outdoors. I let melancholy rob the rest of my day. This morning I woke up still not wanting to make an effort. What good is that? I told myself. There are roses that need pruning. I visualized myself getting the pruning shears and small saw out from the shed, as well as the rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide from the bathroom to sterilize the equipment. Okay, up and at 'em. Downstairs, opening the drapes, I noticed the layer of ice on the rooftop next door.  That settled that. I fed Molly her breakfast and made coleslaw. I've found that preparing part or all of our afternoon/ evening meals

I'm Not Scared of Rats.

10.  I feel like numbering. No reason. 9.  Molly the Cat chased a rat in the backyard yesterday evening. I opened the sliding door. Flash! Out went Molly. She hid behind two planters, her tail wagging. Zoom! There went a black rat. Jeez. 8.  I tell myself that there's no reason to be scared of rats. 7.  Shudder. 6.  Molly wouldn't follow me into the garage as I took out the garbage. 5.  No reason to be scared of rats. 4.  I wish I hadn't seen the rat. 3.  I cannot pretend that I saw the rat. 2.  If Molly catches the rat, she's going to rush it into the house. 1.  Shudder.