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Done and Did -- Week One of the 30-Day Challenge

"Wouldn't you like some potato chips with lunch?" I asked the Husband, as we waited for the light to turn green.

"Sure." He's such a sweetheart.

"Beer would taste good with potato chips. Shall we get some beer, too?"

"Absolutely!" I made a left into the supermaket parking lot.

"But, can you have chips?" he asked. I was on my second week of the 30-day health-and-fitness challenge.

"Yes, as long as they're not made from flour," I answered, easing the car into a parking spot far away from the door.

"You can't have beer then," he said.

I was momentarily bummed out. And, all this time we'd been driving around town doing errands, I'd been thinking of a gin and tonic. Not that I'm a big cocktail drinker,  But, today, I've been desiring an alcoholic drink. Then, my brain cells kicked in. "Alcohol is okay, as long as it's not past 7:30 PM."

"Are you sure? Beer is made from grain."

"Grains are okay. Flours, no. Any kind of flour. Not even gluten-free flours."

This 30-day challenge is going along as fine as can be. Kicking out flours and sugar has been easier than I thought, even when the Husband and the Mama are eating ice cream or pie for dessert. If it's not 7:30 PM yet, I eat an apple or some kind of fruit for my dessert. If it's past 7:30, I go bug Molly the Cat.

Interestingly, the daily exercise rule has been the hardest to do during the first week. I don't think I have ever purposely worked out for at least 60 minutes each day. Tops has been three or four days in a row, ranging from 30 to 50 minutes. When I chose to do the extreme challenge, I didn't think doing an extra 15 minutes of exercise would be as tough as it has been. Ha! But, I did it. I worked through the aches and tiredness. One of the things that kept me going was thinking of the Mama continually pushing herself at 92 years old to work in her garden everyday.

So, I'm giddily proud to say that I pedaled 62.8 miles on my fat pink cruiser bicycle and walked 2.2 miles during the first week of the challenge.

And, yes, I had three hands full of jalapeño potato chips and a bottle of summer ale with lunch today. Yum!

On to week two! Whooo-hooo!

Update: 7/22/2014 -- This is the second time I got the sugar gram wrong. First, I thought it was 28 grams, then 22 grams. I need to get new glasses. 


  1. I am so glad it is working well for you. The exercise part would get to me as well and no eating after 7:30. That would be the toughest as I like to snack. I am trying to snack more on carrots etc... So proud of you and you are beginning to stir in me the desire to go back on my hypoglycemic diet which is similar to what you are on. You are an inspiration.

    1. Hmmm, the reply got lost. Shall try again. ... Thanks, Birgit. I appreciate the pat on the back. It helps a lot. :-) Today has been the toughest in regards to being without desserts and pasta. I felt sluggish and cranky. When I mentioned it to the Husband, he said my body is most likely detoxing. It probably wasn't feeling it last week because it still was feeding on all the flours and sugars I've consumed. Makes sense.

  2. Yaaaaaay! *waves arms like Kermit* :)

  3. Susie,

    You're doing well with your health challenge!

    Our local sports store has a sign in its window which says, "A one hour workout is only 4% of your day". That sounds so good, as long as you're not planning on sleeping at all!'

    Oh I do relate to your problem seeing numbers properly. These days I need my glasses to read everything. Sometimes I forget to take them with me when I go shopping and then I'm lost. Not that long ago, I used to help old ladies read the labels in the supermarket. Could I have now turned into an old lady myself?

    1. I say the same thing: "When did I become the old lady?" Oh, well. Hope I'm a gracious one. :-)

  4. Awesome!!! Keep going. I love Sun Chips--are they made with flour? I've also been eating the Fig Newtons made from wheat...not sure if that would work. I'm not a huge fan of Fig Newtons, but the apple ones taste a little like apple pie if you try not to think too hard about it! Plus, just one tends to curb my sweets craving for some reason, which works for me.

    1. I've discovered that dried figs hit the spot for me. A combination of figs, walnuts, and banana is delish! I've got one dried fig left on my desk. I think I'll bring it with me tomorrow on my bike ride. It may work quicker than raisins if my body suddenly needs an energy boost.

  5. Sounds exciting that you are on this challenge. I have not done a weight loss routine purposely, but I stopped eating bread a few months ago, and I am down to 123, which is the lowest I have been in years.

    1. Yay for you! That's a nice figure, 123. Sourdough bread and butter -- I could make a meal just out of that. Just as long as it's really, really, really good sourdough bread.


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