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Day 29: Approaching 70

Move a brick. Move a rock. Dig here and not there.  One small change any where in the yard and the whole yard looks and feels different. That was my revelation this afternoon while moving bricks, rocks, and things around so I could dig up gardening beds. Then I thought, ha! I’m rearranging the back yard. Again, for the who-knows-how-many times and more than likely I shall do again for another who-knows-how-many-times more.

The Husband ought to be happy that I do most of my rearranging frenzy in the yard. We did move furniture around the house a few weeks ago, and I heard not a grumble. 



  1. Sometimes things need a refresh. My mother used to rearrange the furniture in the house. Twice a year. We had the "summer" setup and the "winter".

  2. The Husband wouldn’t want to hear that possibility, hahaha.


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