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Day 26 — Approaching 70

Just before sundown, the Husband and I discovered another tabungaw growing in the Asian pear tree, mingling among the roses. Tabungaw is the Ilocano name for the bottle gourd. Some people dry the vegetable to turn into a musical instrument, a birdhouse, or other delight. 

One of my favorite childhood dishes was Mama’s tabungaw and chicken soup. Mmmm. I made my rendition a couple of weeks ago with the first tabungaw that we harvested. The vegetable tastes better when its young, its green skin on the fuzzy side. The skin on the one we found has already thickened. It would still taste good but I’d rather dry it. What shall I make with it? 

1950s Tunes

This afternoon we had the solid gold oldies station on cable playing in the background. My gosh. There was a guy singing about how his girl loved him so very hard and long that he passed out on her front lawn. Anyone else laughing? 

The song before that one, which I now remember, was about a guy who tells his girl that he’ll do anything she wants. Anything? Would he commit a venial sin for her? A mortal sin? Some could say that guy needs to build up his self-respect.

I don’t remember the names of the songs or who performed them.  The performer who came on after them was Jackie Wilson. What a voice! So rich, so smooth, so full. Wikipedia reports that he had 16 top R&B hits. Had I read he was called Mr. Excitement? He could’ve turned me on to opera if he had been an opera singer. Mr. Wilson would’ve made any and all top tenor lists. 


  1. It sounds like things are going well in the garden.

  2. When I was much younger, I would never have thought gardening is what keeps me sane, healthy, and approaching zen.


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