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Hello, March!

A junkyard to some, most likely. Sometimes I pretend it’s an art gallery in the making. The other day, the Husband thought the yard looked like a cemetery. What do you think? 

That’s how the backyard looked at the beginning of March before the rain kicked in. After years of drought, I’m enjoying this old-time rainy weather, the look, the sound, the smell. March delight! Here’s how it looked yesterday. 

I disappeared again, I did. My last post was five weeks ago on the same day that the Husband’s triple whammy of sore and painful joints, a respiratory virus, and norovirus began. Not all at the same time, but pretty much overlapping each other. I had a 36 hour bout with norovirus, fortunately, after the Husband’s worse of his tummy woes were nearly over.  All’s well today, hurrah!

Hope you are all feeling strong and with wonder! ❤️


  1. Yes, it has been quite the wet March, hasn't it? Glad to see you're still around. Sorry you got hit with a bunch of stuff at once. It happens. Take care.

    1. Hi, Liz! I appreciate the sympathy. I need to remind myself more that I’m older so the bounce back is slower. Thank goodness for the new knee joint. I would’ve been in misery having to be a trooper.


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Thanks for the good cheer. :-)

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