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Another Thursday

(1) True confessions, as opposed to false: If I don’t publish this post today, I will have two unfinished Thursday posts. 
 Keep on chugging along, Su-sieee! Mac. 

(2) Do you have a day of the week in which you have a lot of physical and mental energy? Thursday is usually when I feel self-motivated, creative, and productive. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been the other days. 

(3) This morning was quite fruitful. I pedaled my under-table bike for 10 minutes or so before breakfast, then later followed a short Qigong video. I must’ve unblocked some energy. The Husband found me dancing to golden oldies while getting ready for my physical therapy session. 

(4) Today was my last prescribed PT session. Eight weeks, twice a week, 30 minutes, more or less. I don’t believe Sing 2.0 would be as sturdy and assured as she is today without a professional showing me how to stretch and strengthen her. (Sing is my left knee who got her joint replaced two months ago.) The surgeon, who I saw for a follow-up this afternoon, suggested several more weeks of PT to get Sing stronger and to bend more than 106 degrees.  I’m game for more sessions, as long as my insurance company approves them. 

(5) I thanked the physical therapist for teaching me to move more appropriately for an older person. I was not being sarcastic, nor am I now. It took me the full eight weeks to finally get what an assured and joyful mature pace is all about when it comes to physical activity. 

(6) Slow down. Pace yourself. It’s not a race. Make deliberate movements. Hold the stretch. Breathe. So reminded the PT to me. Both the PT and the surgeon caution me about the risk of falling, leaving unsaid “Do I want to shatter my titanium joint.”

(7) “So reminded the PT to me.” Does that sound awkward? Did I use the correct preposition? I stumble over prepositions, of, to, for, at, et cetera. Bleah. My “excuse” is that Ilocano, the first language I understood, doesn’t have those grammatical parts. 

(8) Mama and Daddy spoke limited English, as did most of their friends. I grew up hearing and understanding  Ilocano but I couldn’t strings words together quick enough to make sense.  Ha! Now I get that professor who forgave my horrible grammar and awkward phrasing in my final paper because English was my second language. Until today’s revelation, I believed English was my first language. Nope. It definitely is my primary language though.

(9) If I’m an immigrant’s child again in my next life, I want to be fluent in my parents’ language during my whole life.

(10) The sun has set and I’m still working on this post which I started writing at noon. 

(11) Do you ever recall a dream hours or days after you dreamt it?  A few hours ago I remembered that I dreamt about my belly button filled with blood. Most of the dream interpretation  web sites say that dreaming of a bloody belly button is a positive omen. It’s all about rebirth and forging ahead to finally do what you want to do. Okey-dokey, I’m good with that. 

(12) I have a very low belly button. And, guess what, I found something about that on the Internet, too. (Google is my friend.) According to a Duke University study, people who have very low belly buttons are good swimmers while people with high belly buttons are good runners. The Husband says I’m a good swimmer. 

(13) Here’s one more interesting thing I learned about belly buttons. Since 1969,  Furano City, Hokkaido Perfecture, holds a two-day Belly Button Festival in late July.

I finished the post, hurrah!  Thursday 13, here I come. Please, come join me to discover other Thursday 13 participants. See ya! 


  1. I don't know if there's a day of the week where I have more energy, but I can tell you on what day I have less. Friday. I can have had a good week with nothing much to complain about, but by Friday evening, I am a total space cadet.

    1. I would think you were a robot or super hero if you weren’t Liz, give your work. Subbing can be draining on the mind and soul.

  2. How does one consider if their belly button is high or low?

  3. Rather, how does one determine the highness or lowness of their belly button? This is Diane Memory asking 😁

    1. Hi, Diane. If I’m understanding what I read, you find the center of your body, from top of head to bottom of feet, and then see if your belly button is at center or above or below it.

  4. I love your writing, Suz!!


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