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Finding Peace

You could do no wrong in her eyes, 

so I thought.

Maybe you thought the same way about me.

There was no competition of who was the better. 

You were always the first born, the son.

Me, the daughter who lived.

We were her children.

She wanted for us to care for each other

to look after each other

without asking, without having to try.

That’s all. 

Where ever you are,

may you be living in joy and love.

And, peace. 


Sharing with Friday Writings, hosted by Poets and Storytellers United.


  1. One can sense a story within the poem - relationships that struggle and settle.

    1. There is a relief to saying it aloud and sending it into the Universe.

  2. Relationships can be complicated and troublesome but it can work out in the end.

  3. Ah, sibling relationships and parent-child relationships are so fraught, so complex.

  4. Quite literally ... chills and an urge to cry as I read this beautifully crafted poem.

  5. The feeling of being always out of synch with a family member is a painful one. Those movies where the sibling relationships seem so natural can feel so confusing and frustrating. Things involving dragons, zombies, and superheroes seem super realistic in comparison.

    1. Lol. I did enjoy watching two Avenger movies the other day.

  6. A saddness swept over me. I hear this.

  7. Visiting with you - ALWAYS a Good Thing! love & love, 💙 -g-

  8. Oh, such a fragile sadness in this poem. I wish you happy times. Love your drawings!

  9. Beautifully written and I'm keeping your poem in a notebook of wise words that I keep just for myself. Surviving is an emotion itself -- and a hard one to come to terms with. (I'm a sibling survivor who has never been able to express the feelings that brings. Thank you for sharing.)

    1. Thank you, Sallie, I’m honored. I felt something settle inside me when I pressed the publish button. Sad, but positive. ❤️

  10. The sense of loss is so very powerful in this one. I love that in the end, the sister still wishes the best for the brother. That isn't always the case...


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