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Sunday Q & A

Fifteen things start the questions off at this week’s Sunday Stealing hosted by Bev Sykes of Funny the World. So, here go I.

15 things that make you smile: 

The Husband, Missy Molly the pinky-nosed (wilde) Cat, friends,  rain, a sunny day, flowers, bees pollinating flowers, birds visiting in the yard, a project done to my satisfaction, green hills, singing, painting, gardening, dancing, and hugs

14 things that make you frown: 

exclusivity, meanness, bullies, tagging, tailgaters, people not listening to each other, wilderness cemented over, litterbugs, liars, spammers, greedy businesses, politicians not willing to work with others, arrogance, and rudeness

13 things you see everyday: 

the sky, flowers, trees, cars, houses, TV, iPad, books, fruit, indoor plants, journal, pens, and dust

12 things you have always wanted to try: 

hike the whole Pacific Crest Trail, paddle an outrigger canoe, scuba diving, visit Italy with the Husband, drive cross country with the Husband, pedal my bike from our house to Pinnacles National Park in our county, make dim sum, do ceramics (especially using a pottery wheel), finish a novel, play the cello, be a background singer, and cook a Filipino feast including roasting a pig on the spit

11 objects that mean a lot to you: 

Mama’s photo collection, notes from Mama, and that’s all.

10 places you have been: 

San Francisco, Florence, Venice, Seoul, Hawaii, Washington D.C., Philippines, Havasupai Falls, U.S. Southwest, and Parkfield, California

9 of your favorite foods: 

ice cream, fried chicken, chicken bittermelon soup, papaya, mango, kimchi, short-grain white rice, sashimi, and garlic

8 things you’d rather be doing: 

I’m doing them now—hanging out with the Husband and Molly 24/7, gardening, sewing, crafting, writing, watching movies, cooking, and hanging out with friends

7 things you’d take with you to a deserted island: 

a survival book, machete, water filter, bandana, lighter, seeds, and granola bars

6 things you wish you never had to do: 

fire someone, execute an estate in probate, read someone the riot act, have a hysterectomy, clean up other people’s messes, and tell noisy people in a meeting, theater, library, or other public place to please be quiet 

5 people that mean the world to you: 

The Husband and friends Let, Paul, Jenn, and Kathy

4 of your biggest fears: 

the uncaring and greedy people taking over our government, the flat earthers are right, a civil war, and rodents!

3 words to describe how you feel right now: 

happy, loved, and comfortable

2 things you’re excited for: 

making a tufa planter for a Bird’s Nest fern and planting more flowers for the pollinators

1 thing you want to say to someone: 

“You’re being a bastard. Is that what you want?”

To join in on the fun and/or read how others answered the questions, head over to Sunday Stealing.


  1. What fun answers. We both want to take a book about living on a deserted island with us to that deserted island!

    1. We’ll have to carry our survival tools whenever we cruise or fly over an ocean, lol

  2. I wish I'd never had a hysterectomy, too. So much pain still. Enjoyed your answers.

    1. On one hand, the operation was life saving for me as it removed cancer. I wish though it didn’t have to be.

  3. Uh oh. Who do you want to say that one thing to?

    1. There are more than one. I’ll leave it at that.

  4. I keep losing you my friend! I'm happy to catch up with you....and see your happy face! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  5. I miss doing quizzes. I should find one, post ABC Wednesday.


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