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Napkins, Pt.2

Yesterday’s post was about our lack of napkins for our lunch with friends later that day.  I had written the post the day before (on Friday) with the problem resolved because I thought it was. Well…

Come Saturday morning, I went to the closet to fetch a roll of paper towels. From the back of the closet, I pulled out the package of towels. So, I thought.

Hello, toilet paper!

Ugh. I could still sew seven napkins in time. Sure, you’re right, either the Husband or I could have driven to the store. Quite simple solution.

Good fortune rang. It was good friend Missus H on the phone to see how things were and if I needed anything. “Do you have any napkins to spare?” She didn’t. They were using paper towels. “Could you please bring a roll?” She would, but if I liked she had purple and green napkins that she used for guest bath towels. 

The green napkins were perfect with the feast of Fijian fritters, cilantro chutney curry chicken, coconut-creamed spinach, grilled shrimp, jasmine rice, boiled sweet potatoes, lolo buns, and fresh mango and papaya. 

I wouldn’t mind having a top made of fabric in that green and design.


  1. It's a nice pattern. Glad you got the napkins sorted. Next time you'll be more aware of the napkin situation before it comes to that ;)

    1. More than likely I will. No doubt I’ll forget something else, which will be okay, too. Can’t have things go along perfectly, lol.

  2. Pretty pattern.
    Sounds like a very tasty meal.

    1. It was delicious. Never having Fijian food, I don’t know if that was how it was supposed to taste. I didn’t use as much chiles as the recipes said.

  3. Lovely fabric and a great solution to the problem.

    1. It’s a paper napkin, Linda. I’m impressed with the patterns people come up with for paper. I remember paper clothes for people in the late 1960s.

  4. I need a napkin right now as your menu is making my mouth water!!


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