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 For Thursday 13, I’m saying Hope in 13 languages that are significant in some way to me.

In my parents’ language, Ilokano, it is Namnama. In Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines, hope is Pag-asa.

In Welsh, of which says I am one percent, it is Gobaith.

Besides English, these languages figured among the foreign traders, missionaries, immigrants, and colonizers who lived and worked in the Philippines during centuries past. Here’s how to say hope in these five lenguas:

Harapan in Malay

Amal’an in Arabic

Hi-bāng in Hokkien

Esperanza in Spanish

Itxaropena in Basque

In Gaelic, hope is Dóchas. This language, both in Ireland and Scotland, was spoken by some of the Husband’s ancestors. The First Husband was of Korean ancestry; in his parents’ tongue, hope is Huimang.

Mana’olana is hope in Hawaiian and Speranza in Italian, which are two languages I simply like.

And, lastly, hope in Ukranian is Spodivatysya!

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  1. Very long words for a spark of feeling. I hope Ukraine has lots of spodivatsysya and can keep up its desire for self-governance.

  2. So many ways to say it! Who knew? Not me, not one. My grandkids call my husband Hopa.

  3. I've seen Esperanza as a name (a girl's name). This gives that name a whole other level.

  4. I really like this post, and your blog :) I'm from New Mexico, and a common language here is Dine' (Navajo). Chohooʼį́ is hope in Dine'.

    1. Thank you! And, thanks for telling me the Dine word for hope. :-)


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