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That's Entertainment


"Toothbrush." I sat patiently for the Husband to open the package. 

"Very hot water." I held up a metal bowl filled with cold water. "You'll have to throw that water out first." I must've looked quite vacant as I sat debating myself where to do that when the Husband offered me two options. I stood up.

"Baking soda." The Husband poured the powder. "More, don't be stingy." 


The task was done. We sounded like play surgeons. Just for the heck of it, I asked the Husband to pour baking soda into the two openings of the u-shaped pipe that was full of vinegar. Sizzzzzzzle. "Like a volcano," said the Husband. 

This morning the Husband had to unscrew the pipe from the bathroom sink because the brush part of a paintbrush dropped into the drain while I was washing it. Oops.  It turned out the brush was still stuck in the drain, but with some pushing and pulling, it easily slid out. What became a bigger task was cleaning the u-shaped pipe. It was quite fun though since the Husband and I did it together. The cheap thrills of retirement. 

Other forms of lovely retirement (and I suppose pandemic) entertainment I had the past few weeks were propagating plants, painting more wall and light switch plates, and making hot pads for the kitchen (one pad has a chicken print on one side, a monkey print on the other.)

Today I'm linking up with Mosaic Monday. Please click here to check out the other bloggers and their photo mosaics. Cheers! 


  1. Sounds like quite the excitement. Glad you managed to rescue the paintbrush.

    1. We're not the handiest of people, so whenever the Husband and I fix something together or individually, we rejoice. lol

  2. It’s fun cleaning the pipes this way and it can get rid of that certain smell that just can come up after a while of not cleaning it. Volcano is a great way to think of it. I love your colourful light switches which just makes your home more eclectic which I love.

    1. I did all the light switches. Just a few visible wall plates left to do. The blue ones are in the bathroom. They make the room pop. I want to paint the walls to complement them. Eventually.

  3. Su-sieeemac - ah, those little projects ... I am lucky, like you, to have a patient partner! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!!!

    1. He's patient when I'm not; I'm patient when he's not. That's the way to go! :-)

  4. We make everything we do an adventure! Why not? heehee! Enjoy your day sweet lady!

  5. You certainly do keep yourself busy!!!

  6. Bravo to you and the husband Susieee.
    Happy you dropped by blog


  7. It is extra nice when you can work together. Fun too. That is what bob and I do

  8. ...I don't like to play plumber!


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