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13 on this Thursday

1. I hear rain beneath the jazz channel playing on the TV downstairs. 

2. The ornamental pear tree is dancing with white flowers. 

3. I had to give in this afternoon and change from shorts to long pants.  

4. Jamie Raskin! 

5. I'm verily impressed with the House Impeachment Managers. They delivered their points, facts, and proof succinctly, comprehensively, and in easy to understand terms. How well will Trump's lawyers convince us Trump's alternative facts are true? 

6. Our doctor's office, a provider of the COVID-19 vaccine in our county, called an hour ago to say our age group is now up for the shots. The Husband and I have an appointment for next week. 

7.  This morning, I drove around town with four huge bags of potting soil sitting in Eliza Does-a-lot's back seat. There used to be five, but the other day I asked the Husband to pull out a bag so I could plant the potatoes. We bought the soil on Monday. 

8. I made broccoli and pine nuts mac & cheese for today's main meal. I'm getting the hang of making white sauce. 

9. Running errands, doing chores, and making meals. I'm fortunate I have that to do, can do it, and enjoy getting it done. 

10. We watched a James Bond movie this afternoon. Quantam Solace. A curious title. We have no idea what it means. Until last year, neither the Husband nor I had ever seen a James Bond movie. So, now we're watching them out of sequence. A good thing? I don't know. We have yet to see Roger Moore as Bond. It's interesting to see how the fashions, music, and sensibilities evolve over the decade. 

11.45eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer3     q  <<That was a contribution by Missy Molly the pinky-nosed (wilde) Cat. 

12. I've gone one week without coffee. In order to do a detox diet to find out what foods trigger my eczema, I need to first go a week without coffee and another week without sweets. The latter is the tough one.

13.  "When Tom Paine wrote Common Sense, the pamphlet that launched the American Revolution, he said that common sense really meant two different things. One, common sense is the understanding that we all have without advanced learning and education. Common sense is the sense accessible to everybody. Common sense is also the sense that we all have in common as a community...." ..." said Jamie Raskin, head House Impeachment Manager, in his closing remarks before the Senate today. 

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  1. I've been so impressed with Jamie Raskin too! I don't think the other side has a case. They are not going to argue that the election was fraudulent. At least we're past that lie, or most are.

    1. In 6 more minutes, we shall see and hear what the trumpets are blaring.

  2. I've gone my entire life without coffee. I'm with you, though, on giving up sweets. Hope you find the cause of your eczema.

    I've seen a few Bonds, but not all, and definitely not in order. I think they are kind of made to be stand alone.

    1. Today I'm enjoying the sweets. I've decided not to drag it out and just go cold turkey tomorrow when I start the detox diet. :-)

  3. 45's lawyers haven't convinced me of anything. They don't have a lot to work with and aren't very good. The good lawyers won't work with him. One of his lawyers said an impeachment manager had tweeted something nasty, but he couldn't remember which one! I know from high school debate that sources have to be precise. I've loved watching the impeachment managers. They're well spoken and organized. I confess I've never seen a James Bond movie. Certain refusals have become a point of pride for me. Last night I watched The Dig on Netflix and thought it was great.


    1. The early Bond movies are sort of lame. Probably can say that of all of them. Now that I've seen a few, my mission is to see them all or until I'm tired of seeing anymore. Whichever comes first. :-)

  4. A lovely picture you painted on no. 1. Good luck on the vaccine shot.

  5. So glad you get the vaccination. We are preregistered but no appointment as yet. .... I agree with you about being lucky to have things to do that we enjoy doing. ...... ...... The criminal’s lawyers didn’t really have to say anything. Because the crooked, cowardly gops had already made up their minds. But hopefully the truth and eloquence of the house managers will stay in peoples minds. Maybe even help a few people to understand what really happened and how they were taken in. .....

    1. That's how I see it, too, Sallie. The truth is on record. I simply hope peer pressure doesn't create a mass of sheep to vote in an even worse dictator wannabe.

  6. Glad you're getting the vaccine. Virginia isn't doing a very good job of getting it out. Maybe soon. The acquittal did not surprise me, but it made me sad.

    1. Anita, I was sad on Saturday and raging yesterday. Today, I'm finding calm again.


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