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Thinking about Mama

While looking for a photo in my digital archives, I found the above picture of Mama that I took in March 2014. Mama was 92 years old. I wonder what she was looking at that she reacted so.  

Two mornings ago I was clearing out the stuff under Mama's once-upon-a-time bathroom sink and found a crisp newspaper sheet neatly folded into a rectangle the size of my hand. Unfolding it got me weepy but I didn't cry. Not until today, this moment.

At first, I thought the folded paper probably held snippets of Mama's hair (she cut her own hair, and very well, too.) that she had fancifully wrapped in newspaper and forgot to throw away.

There was no hair. 

Okay, then most likely she saved the newspaper because of an article that quoted the Brother who had been a vice principal at the high school. Nope, the newspaper was dated two or three years after his once-upon-a-time there. The four pages were full of advertisements and one long article about President Obama. Had she kept it for the ads or for the story?

Mama thought highly of President Obama and thought it was a shame the way he was treated by some people. Mama liked presidents who helped the ordinary people. President FDR was big in her book as was President LBJ. 

Mama would've been disgusted of trump's actions and behaviors. Also horrified, anxious, and frightened, but yet determined not to be trampled by trump and his gang. Mama looked fragile, but she was a toughie. After all, she had lived through World War II in the Philippines. How many of us can stay still and silent most of the day and night, every day for several years? Some of us can't even wear a mask and forego seeing family members on holidays for the welfare of all. 

Mama would've shook her head at the senseless mob who stormed and defaced the Capitol Building. She would've been sad about those individuals' humanity but she wouldn't have excused them for their sins. Mama would have also blamed their parents for not knowing how to discipline them when they were children. That was Mama.


  1. I don't 'do' politics so I won't comment on the recent events except to say I'm appalled. I love the photo of your Mama, and I can only say she must have been a very young-looking 92-year old :-)

    1. "Appalled"—that's a good word to describe it all, Eunice. I'm disgusted by how some people feel empowered rather than appalled by mob mentality.

  2. Susie ~ thanks for the blast into you & your, "Mama's" past.

  3. To me, it looks like she was finishing up a yawn, but it so fits with your post. I can't with the people who were surprised by Wednesday's events. He's been stoking them for years, so how can anyone be truly surprised that they stormed the Capitol, thinking they were freedom fighters?

  4. ...Your Mama sounds like mine!

  5. Hooray for your mama! One hundred percent in agreement with her political views. (Though she would no doubt be a bit kinder about what should happen to the rioters than I would be.). .... thanks for sharing the love and wisdom ... and hope.

    1. Sallie, I think Mama would've been as kind as you and I. Book 'em, Danno! And if you lose the key, so be it.

  6. I love that picture of your Mama and like to think she was looking at your Molly climbing her tree. I so agree with your Mama with those brats in that mob. That kid sitting in the capital chair, his face covered...I would have taken him by the ear and just walloped him on his butt. My mom would have been disgusted and she would be coming down to talk to me and hubby about this every day. It’s a very sad situation knowing thatTrump gave the orders to not have troops there beforehand. You know it came from him. Now, I cross my fingers for the 20th and hope that the4e is 0 tolerance for an insurrections.

    1. Fingers crossed and wooden table knocked on that Trump is impeached and removed from office, and all the Congress people who voted to object to the electoral vote count be expelled from office. No bleeding hearts for them and their herd.


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