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Sunday Stealing: Animals


Questions about animals is the topic on this week's Sunday Stealing, hosted by Bev Sykes.

1. What is your favorite animal and why?
I don't have a favorite animal.

2. Are people animals? What separates humans from animals?
Humans are a species of primates, a subgroup of mammals. Wearing clothes and handling technological tools and machines are two things that separate us from other animals.

3. Which animal is the most dangerous?
Any animal that carries a deadly transmittable disease.

4. What should you do if a bear approaches you?
Hope for the best.

5. Do you like dogs? Why do people call the dog, man’s best friend?
Yes, I like dogs. They're probably thought of as man's best friend because they don't place any crazy demands nor stress on their human owners.

6. Do you enjoy going to the zoo? Some people consider zoos to be cruel environments for animals. What do you think?
I haven't been to a zoo in decades, and I doubt I will ever visit one again. I didn't like seeing animals caged in artificial environments, regardless of whether they were made to be like their actual homes.

7. Where is the best place to see animals in your country? In the world?
Wildlife can be seen anywhere, even in urban areas.

8. Are you a vegetarian? What makes some people give up eating meat?
No. People give up animal flesh for any number of reasons, such as religion, peer pressure, and a belief that it's cruel to kill animals for food.

9. Which animal is most helpful to humans?
All animals are helpful, directly or indirectly. For instance, where would we be without the pollinators?

10. If you could be any animal (besides human), which animal would you like to be?
A house cat who gets to wander in her backyard.

11. Who would win in a fight between a tiger and a lion?
It would depend on the individual animals who are fighting. More than likely the stronger and smarter of the two would win.

12. What do you think about hunting animals? Would you like to try it?
Hunting animals for food is a good skill to have, and I would learn it if I think it's necessary.

13. Books like “Watership Down” and “Animal Farm” give animals human characteristics like human thoughts or language. Is this how you think animals really are? Or are those really just stories about people?
I think those types of stories are allegories about humans. But, more than likely there are universal characteristics (courage, territorial, fellowship, curious, and so on) found throughout the animal kingdom. 

14. Some animals are endangered due to illegal poaching. How do you feel about this issue?
I think the poachers ought to be heavily fined as well as imprisoned. And when they're released, if ever, they're no longer allowed to own nor use weapons.

15. If we can bring an extinct animal from the past back with genetic engineering, should we do it? Which animals should we bring back?
I think we're inviting very serious trouble if extinct animals are brought back in that manner. Shudder.

So, that's what I think. How about you?

Off to Sunday Stealing I go. Please join me, if you can. 


  1. I hadn't thought about pollinators as important, but you're right. Where would we be without them?

    1. Because the rosemary is in bloom beneath our front window, we hear the busy sounds of honey bees feasting. Bzzz, bzzzz. They're also loving the jade flowers and the ornamental pear tree's blooms. Lucky us!

  2. I like animals as well.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. I love that photo at the end. I forgot about bees and other pollinators.

    1. Those guys are now causing havoc among the succulents outside. I kinda miss them in the bathroom.

  4. Funny that Animal Farm got brought up. I was just reading that with an English class last week.

    We used to go to the San Diego Wild Animal Park when I was a kid. The animals had a bit more room to roam there than the zoo. As I recall.

    1. That's good to know Animal Farm is still being read in high school. I read it over 50 years ago. hahaha

  5. You're right about the clothes thing! Hadn't thought of that. Good point. In fact, animals look unhappy when we dress them up.

    1. I forgot that some people like to dress up their fur babies. I suppose if Molly let me, I'd dress her in outrageous costumes.

  6. #10 I usually say a duck cause they swim AND fly! Love your colorful octopus and the dinos in the bathroom are fun!

    1. That is a good choice! It would be cool to be an egret. But does an egret swim. Hmmm,

  7. I feel the way you do about zoos. They did too little, and too late to make them more suitable to confining animals in what amounts to prisons, essentially.
    We both chose pollinators. The truth is that without them we wouldn’t have enough to eat in very short order. A pleasure to have you join the motley crew. Welcome aboard!

  8. You pussy cat, Molly, is just the bee’s knees. I love your answers but the most dangerous animal is man. Without bees, we would be in Serious trouble. I like going to zoos but they would have to be I. A natural environment. Many zoos, now, are the saviour of many severely endangered animals and some even try to bring them back to the wild. Poachers...I would put them on an island and they must run because now they are the hunted. I agree with you about bringing extinct animals back to life.. if a bear came up, they say to make a lot of noise and never run. My one friend has come across more than one bear and he just remained calm and took many videos and pics of them. I always gravitated to the wolf but I wouldn’t mind being a pampered dog as long as I am not being dressed up in frilly pink clothing. The one thing I would hate is going to the bathroom where everyone sees my style.

    1. "Miao, miao, Birgit," says Molly. "Purrrrrrrrrrrr."
      A long time ago, friends and I had stopped at a campground in the eastern end of British Columbia. There were signs about bears all over the place. Someone told us to climb someplace high if a bear happens through. We decided to sleep cramped in my little Dodge Colt.

  9. I like bees too - but don't get me started on wasps...




    1. As long as you don't get me started on mice. :-)


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