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Approaching Normal

Molly the (wild) Cat asked, "Is it ever going to be normal again?"

A week or so ago, the blinds for the sliding door bit the dust after 32 years of excellent service. Fortunately, the vertical panels were being drawn for the night when the system snapped only several inches away from the door. Missy Molly still has a bit of unobstructed window onto (into?) the backyard. Monitor the birds, she can.

Nothing out of the ordinary there for Molly Girl.

Now, to get the curtains sewn and up before she gets used to the nonworking blinds. 

Some of you may remember that back in July I bought eight yards of this cool peacock print at an antique fair, with not a notion of what to do with all that fabric. Want to guess what I'm going to finally sew with it?

Mama's jade plant is in full bloom. It flowers around this time, which amazes me because it's winter, by golly. I finally looked up how it is that this succulent flowers in winter. It's normal: The darker days and cooler temperatures of winter stimulate jade plants to pop! pop! pop! in tiny white flowers.

Cheers, Everyone!


  1. I so love that fabric, it's gorgeous and just my kind of thing - I hope you'll show us the curtains once you've got them finished and in place :-)

  2. Sorry to hear of the death of your blinds. But yeah, that fabric will make amazing curtains.

  3. ooops too late, Molly has now staked out her turf. The antique fabric is so pretty, good choice to use it where you can see it daily.. This house had pull across fabric "blinds" when we moved in, Very convenient to just pull them closed sideways.

  4. That's longer than I've been alive.

  5. Su-sieeemac - can't wait to see the finished curtains. A stunning jade plant! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. Happy New Year and wishing you and hubs with Molly and great year ahead and a healthy one. Molly will not be happy once the drapes are up but I can’t wait to see them because I love the fabric.

  7. Nice Molly sketch and beautiful fabric. I can picture both together.

  8. Love the fabric even more knowing what it’s new life will be....and that Jade plant is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen...they grow in people’s gardens here, but not that lushly or “flowery” ....maybe it doesn’t get cold enough ever.

  9. You're going to have beautiful curtains! :)

  10. The peacock print is so much fun, your new curtains with brighten the whole room.


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