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Happy Holidays to One and All!

That's the main street of our little city of Hollister as it looked in Eliza Does-a-lot's driver's side-view mirror. I snapped it the other day while waiting for the Husband. As a kid, the festive garlands and bows above San Benito Street was one of my clues that the holiday season was upon us. With luck, I would be able to avoid any Santa Claus lurking in the downtown stores. Yup, Santa Claus was a scary figure to this kid.

In 2008, the Husband played Santa Claus at the annual Christmas Ball, held by the Filipino American Community of San Benito. For the first time, I sat on Santa's lap. This was a Mister Claus who did not creep me out.

Last year the Husband created a Holiday Spirit tree with lights in the living room, more specifically next to Molly the (wild) Cat's condo. She has no problem sleeping while the lights twinkle brightly. Here's a photo from last year of the sleeping (wild) beauty and our Twinkle Twinkle Tree.

This year I have cookies on my mind, of which I have been eating more than the usual number of zero. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, shortbread, sugar, snickerdoodles. . . I have yet to eat a cookie I don't like.  So, for self-preservation, I'm waiting until tomorrow to bake persimmon biscotti and Mexican wedding cakes. I'd like to make ginger snaps, too. We shall see.

The front yard shows off Holiday spirit, without trying. I like that. :-)

The Husband, Molly the (wild) Cat, and I wish you a warm, loving, joyful, and peaceful Holiday Season. 
All Seasons and Mosaic Monday, here I come. Will you join me?



    Happy mosaic Monday


  2. Love your tree. I need to do one just like that. And at this time of year, cookies are permitted ;)

  3. You're the only one who was afraid of Santa Claus as a kid, but I know plenty kids my age who were scared of Sinterklaas, who on the birthday Dec 6 had dropped a present for the good children through the chimney (overnight of course) into their shoe standing by the mantle. The naughty kids would be taken by Sinterklaas helpers in a bag to Spain where the bishop lived. In Holland it's a feature to see Sinterklaas coming on the boat from Spain on TV! Yay cookies, I hope you'll give us the recipe of Madelines, because I love that one. many, many thanks Susie of being a part of All Seasons this year, and just being your creative self, sharing your inspiring creativity. It was a treat! Have a very merry Christmas with your real life Santa-hubby!

  4. Love your blog and the interesting mosaic .....Merry Christmas!

  5. We baked chocolate chip cookies for my hubby yesterday....the real thing with sugar! heehee! They sure made the house smell wonderful. Love the photo of you and Santa! AND the lights in your home. That's something I love for the holidays...lots of lights! Merry Christmas to you AND Santa! Holiday hugs!

  6. I love the first photo, it looks like you'll have nicer Christmas weather than we'll have, it's been interminably wet and miserable for weeks now. Merry Christmas Susie, have a lovely time with husband and Molly :-)

  7. Su-sieeemac - "The Christmas Dance of Cookies" - love it! The plate of cookies that our neighbor brought did not last long around here! I am so grateful to have your participation in Mosaic Monday. You bring cheer and humor when we need it most! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  8. the past I played Santa, Merry Christmas to you!

  9. Hope your Holiday and up coming new year is full of blessings

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all three of you. :)

  11. I wondered why the cars were all parked on the wrong side of the street! Best wishes!

  12. I absolutely loved that Christmas card! Your critters are so cute. And the photo of Santa (and Mrs Claus) is a joy . Happy New Year to you both.

  13. Even your recipes are art! I love the town's red bows and garlands.


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