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This afternoon I found two important documents that I have been seeking for a few years. Ask me where I found them? Go ahead. Please

Where did I find them? Thank you for asking. 

The documents were under a bunch of junk in my nightstand.


My search still continues for several other documents, including Mama's U.S. naturalization certificate and my baptismal record with my real name, unlike my birth certificate. The last time I recall seeing these other important family records was five, six, or seven years ago. At the time I placed them somewhere safer. Ha! Where or where they can be? 

I'm heading over to ABC Wednesday. Come join me.


  1. Just the sort of thing that happens to me Susie, in fact it happened just recently.. Soon after I got back from my Ireland holiday in September I needed to make an online payment with my bank card - couldn't find the card anywhere even after more than a week of searching so cancelled it and got a new one., then at the beginning of this month when I was on the way back to Ireland I found the old card. It was right at the bottom of the back pack I only use for holidays!

  2. Hi! It's nice for you. I hope you will find other documents soon.

  3. Oh gosh, this reminds me of someone looking for some important stuff and forgot (until years later) he stuffed the items in a shoe he never wears.

  4. I have been searching one of my id cards for long. Must be inside one of the purses. But, have been unable to locate it.
    Hope you find your docs soon

  5. Oh yeah, putting things in a 'safe' place almost guarantees that they up and run away as soon as your back is turned! :)

  6. Are any names "real?" Sorry, sometimes I get my Plato thoughts.

  7. Oh yes, the "safe place". So safe you can't even find it... Good luck. I hope you find your documents. (Have you tried the freezer?)

  8. Glad you found them, of course, in the last place you looked.

  9. It's funny how we tend to place things in a location where we will know where they are...that is until we try to find them! Good luck in finding the rest.

  10. Those look like hangin' trees to me. Maybe because I saw Gingerbread Men hanging from the ceiling like it was the Wild West at the bakery today.

  11. At least you found them :-) Happy holidays.

  12. Ha!!! I kept reading . . and could not comment . . (talk about joining the exasperation club) . . This morning . . yippeee! figured it out. Although i don't have ANYTHING important to say - except . . Obviously you DID find a "safe place" for those documents . . because ta-daa!!! There they Are! love & love, -g- 💙


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