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Will she or won't she follow the instructions?

Molly the Cat investigates the facts about the orange thing, inferring that it:
  1. idles
  2. insinuates
  3. insults
  4. inflicts
  5. idolizes
  6. invents (as in makes up)
  7. impairs
  8. immobilizes
  9. ignores
  10. incites
  11. imposes
  12. intimidates
  13. impersonates 
Missy Girl's conclusion: Impeach and incarcerate.

 Time for some ABC Wednesday (the letter I) and Thursday 13. Take a look! Thank you sweet hosts.


  1. I love this and it is funny and intelligently done. I think Molly is one special lady. I am trying to get back to reading blogs but my dizziness gets in the way.. checking on health issues

    1. Thanks, Birgit. Don't worry about visiting. Health comes first!

  2. You can't tell a cat it can't do something. Unless you have a spray bottle.

    1. Patience works, too. And, when that doesn't, I simply pick up the girl.

  3. well cats are very discerning about humans, knowing the well meaning types from the one you described. If she could take action I bet she would. Congress lack of integrity is making me despondent.

    1. We've been away for several days driving windy mountain roads and breathing in lots of trees. We even stayed away from the news and any mention of politics. A good trip!

  4. Can't incarcerate yet but wouldn't it be funny if the thing he finally went to jail for was map tampering?
    Hi Molly, I have a furry thing zonked out at my feet right now much like a cat. His name is Oliver and he seems fascinated by adult cats yet afraid of kittens. We've had ourselves a day.
    Love the illustration, love the photo.

    1. Thanks, Jeanna. I'll be happy for anything to stick on him, and may his sentence be life + a day.
      Molly decided that she must sleep on my arm in front of the computer so am having a hard time tippy-tapping on the keyboard. The past 2 days she has been following me around and plops herself down however way she can on me whenever I sit. She looked up for a moment so I told her about Oliver. Her reply, Purrrrrrrrrrrr.

  5. Completely agree with Miss Molly. It boggles the mind why it hasn't already happened.

    1. The increasing number of creepy leaders in the world is alarming. Yesterday I read about India putting Muslim residents in camps. I wondered if they are following the lead of U.S. and the camp refugees. Geez!

  6. And that's just in the I's. I'm sure it would be a tome if you let in the other letters.


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