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Thirteen Things Today

1. I just turned on the computer so as to maybe write a post. How long has it been?

2. A City water department employee told me over the phone that the $150 credit on our utility bill was for the deposit we placed when we opened the account, which is returned after three years at an address. I don't remember forking over $150, nor does the Husband.

3. I called the car rental place for a pick-up. It's a free service, so why not? We've been renting cars the past few months to get to the Husband's eye appointments up in the crazy freeway world of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Husband's cataracts were destroyed and he can now see 20/30 in his right eye and 20/25 in his left eye without glasses.

4. Sudoku is my newest addiction. I did 5 or 6 puzzles this morning. Yesterday, lovely friend L dropped by with a Sudoku puzzle magazine in LARGE Print. Whoooo-hoooo!

5. Pride vs. Prejudice by Joan Hess is what I'm currently reading. Today I learned that the woman accused of offing her husband was arrested by the FBI after decades of being on the run. In her youth she was part of a group of student activists who supposedly offed someone. A lot of offing. That's a cozy mystery for you.

6. I thought about how to piece the six different tropical prints into curtains for our bedroom. On Sunday I cut apart a green batik shirt of the Husband's and two of Daddy's Hawaiian shirts. I've been saving Daddy's shirts for 37 years.

7. Thunk! "It's probably a cat," the Husband said, looking up from the iPad as I pulled my head out of a Soduku puzzle. The South Fence has become a pathway for cats in the neighborhood. Our Molly is okay about that as long as the cats stay on the fence. That thunk was made by a large grey cat who was new to me. He sat on the fence, while Molly snarled from below. When I approached them, Molly swished away, but Large Grey Cat continued snarling. "Don't you snarl at me," I said. "You can stay there, as long as you leave Molly alone." He stopped snarling. Smart cat.

8. It took me over 90 minutes to deadhead that bush of burgundy flowers in the above photo. I'm not sure anymore if they are daisies. They may be miniature mums, but I don't think the leaves on that bush look like mum leaves.

9. By the way, I looked for photos of burgandy daisies online.

10. We ate a vegetarian pizza for lunch. Yummm. The Husband, who can now drive, went to fetch our order while I finished deadheading the mums (or daisies). I love the Husband.

11. I drank a golden ale beer with the pizza.  Delightful.

12. After our meal, the Husband and I went outside and started painting two of Mama's old dining room chairs. Molly sat in the yard and watched us. Photos to come when they're done.

13.  I wrote this post.

There you go. Thirteen things. Now I shall head over to Thursday 13. Want to join me? Click here.



  1. So glad your hubby can see now! Nice post, that bush plant looks like a mum but I can't see the flowers up close.
    It sure is pretty! Keep an eye on that Large Grey Cat--you don't want Molly to be hurt. Have a great week!

    1. I haven't seen LGC since then, thank goodness. Two more mum (daisy?) plants to deadhead. WHoo-hooo!

  2. I'm on well water, so my water bill each month is $0

  3. What a fun catch-up. It took me right along. Like the way you snuck 'love the husband' in there. And that's a lot of deadheading!

  4. Sounds like you've been keeping busy. I can't imagine how bad the San Francisco freeway system has gotten. I was in the area more than 15 years ago, just driving through town on a weekday, and it was gridlock.

    1. Hollister is about 15 miles away from 101. With the increasing development to the area, commute gridlock on the two-lane highways out of county has begun. It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't all too arrogant about being right in the way we drive.

  5. What an excellent list of 13 things! :)

  6. Thirteen fun moments! We are traveling and spending a rare off day with decent WiFi. Collecting lots of moments but unable to blog about them until we get home! Enjoyed catching up.

    1. Hi Sallie! I look forward to reading about your adventures. Safe and joyful travels to ya and the Husband.


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