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Earlier this week the Husband and I attended the funeral service for dear friend J's sister, Rosie, who was much loved by her family and friends. Two of her nieces told loving, funny, and cheerful Rosie stories to us all there. They called Rosie the fun-loving auntie who, from their stories, you can tell the nieces thought of as their second mother. It was heart-warming to hear as I'm childless as well, and, once was the fun-loving auntie.  That's life sometimes, bittersweet.

The family considered Rosie to be the lumpia king. She made the best and it sounded like she always kept lumpia (similar to an eggroll, for those who've never tasted lumpia) in the freezer ready to fry at any time of day or night. Hearing all that talk about lumpia got me wanting some so when the Husband and I got home, I took out lumpia wrappers and leftover lumpia filling from the freezer.

I managed to roll sixteen lumpias from the mix. Hurrah!

But what do I do with the rest of the wrappers? It's a shame, no, a sin, to throw them away.  I did what a good daughter of the Mama does: Make something with what's around.

Hence, hot dog lumpias! Combine two hot dogs, about three tablespoons of chopped sauerkraut, approximately 2/3 cup of thawed peas, and 3 minced pepperoncini peppers. Roll a tablespoon or so of the mix in a lumpia wrapper. Fry and eat with a dip of mustard. The Husband and I tasted a sample with a dip of mustard. Thumbs up. They'll go into the freezer, along with the peanut butter-blueberry spread pockets (yet to be tasted) I made with three of the leftover wrappers.

Sweet, peaceful, and joyeous travels through the Universe, Rosie!


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