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A few weeks ago Saturday Night Live featured a video about two women talking about their hobbies. Oh my gosh,  I recognized myself.

When I was a young single thing living la dolce vita in San Francisco, a guy I met for coffee asked, "What are your hobbies?"


"Interests. What do you like to do?"

Totally stumped, I was. I liked to read and write, but I didn't consider those activities as hobbies. They were simply a part of what I did.  Without trying, in the last three years, I've embraced hobbies. Sewing, drawing, painting, gardening, and crafting are what have showed up at my door, thus far.

That guy at the cafe 40 years ago? I never saw him again.


The other day I didn't feel like folding the pieces of fabric I laid out on the bed in L Studio. It wasn't going to bother me if Molly the Cat felt like lying on top of the fabric. I told her so, too, before I sat down to contemplate how much of the various materials I would need for curtains.

A few minutes later I got up to snap a picture out the window. I turned around and what did I see?

Yup, the Girl snoozing on the fabric. Purrrrrrrrrrrr.


There are times I look out the windows, especially the dining room window, and think how Mama would've loved to have seen all the flowers. She loved growing flowers. "Lots of flowers" she liked to say. She was constantly planting branches of her roses, geraniums, succulents, and daisies that she trimmed.

These days I tell myself I don't need to propagate or replant every branch I prune. There's plenty of space still in the backyard, but the front yard is packed full. Unless I dig up the driveway. I wonder if we're allowed. The olive tree would love to go into the ground.

In the 1970s, Mama found a source for fabric made in the Philippines, as well as a seamstress to make her dresses since she was busy with work. I found the nearly 50-year old dresses in her closet, most crisp and sharp from lack of use. Yesterday, I grabbed the scissors and cut apart her brown, green, and pink dresses. My intention is to make a tunic out of them. So far I figured how to turn the sleeves into pockets.


Last week, I discovered yellow irises in the front yard. Whooo-hooo! I planted them in 2017 but nothing bloomed last year.

Yesterday, the pompom poppies waved hello to me, also in the front yard. One of them looked ready to burst.  I'm glad I didn't mistake their shoots for weeds. Guess what? This morning, as I was about to get into the car, the first blooms called out, "Hey, look at us!"

Time to check out the delightful hosts—Jesh, of All Seasons, and Angie, of Mosaic Monday—and the fun-loving participants of their memes.


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