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I read "Poison Pray-Line" when I saw this sign in a commercial greenhouse last week. That got me thinking about the Christians who support the current White House administration.


  1. You can't see the "S" all that well and Prayer Line makes more sense. You can call yourself anything but I'd think a true Christian wouldn't have to call attention to it by title rather than acts of Christianity.
    I was shocked when I found out Roseanne supported the orange idiot and then fate had something to say about that.

    1. I agree, true Christians walk the talk without needing to bring it the attention of everyone. I wonder how much more has to come out before fate says something about trump, pruitt, et. all.

  2. When right-wing Christians want to help people, they simply pray instead of doing labor or reaching for their pockets.

    When they want to oppress people, they get off their butt and do something about it.

    Gotta love it...

    1. It seems to me that a person can't be right-wing and Christian.

  3. Everything to them is about money.


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