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Support for the Roses

Part of the pink tea rose plant leaned over the pathway to the front door, making it a sweet-smelling and annoying obstacle for us, humans. Molly the Cat had no complaints.  The Husband and I considered using the Mama's aluminum tiny step ladder. It was a perfect height for holding up the rose branches. But, as is our custom, the Husband and I left the thought hanging in the air.

Last week the Husband called up to the second floor office window, "Where is the ladder?" He was outside watering the front yard. (I say "call" because the Husband and I don't like to shout or yell. We merely project our voice from our diaphragm like old-time actors on a stage. So I think.)

"I don't know," I called out from my desk about 10 feet away from the window. My hand still posed over the keyboard, I said, "I'll go look."

Fortunately the Husband called up, "Never mind."

By then I was curious so I searched for the ladder. Yup. It was precisely where we put it a couple months ago, at the NW corner of the backyard, in what I like to call for now the Geranium Room, holding up a big potted fern that's not sure whether it likes it's new spot.

Not wanting to go back inside I went into action mode. I picked out several skinny branches about 4-feet tall from our pile of these-might-come-in-handy branches that were pruned from our fruit trees, tied the branches into a tripod, and, by golly, it did the trick. The major rose branch still leaned into the pathway, but it was not being a nuisance.

Several days afterwards, I came across the Mama's walker. She didn't like to use it because the friend who borrowed it died.  I think she would've preferred to complain about the walker never having been returned to her than a dead person used her walker.

Where was I? The once-upon-a-time walker of the Mama now has a new purpose. After getting splish-splashed with color, the walker began its new job of holding up the pink tea rose bush in the front yard. What do you think?


  1. Well, that's one way to repurpose a walker.

  2. A fitting piece of yard art for your 'wild' garden!

  3. A good way to re-use a redundant walker - I hope you remember where it is in a few months time when the bushes have all grown round it! lol

  4. Excellent Idea . . . AND, i enjoyed this story LOTS!!!!!

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah, huh. Waiting in line to be painted are a pair of crutches.

  6. haha! This is perfect and the walker holds up the rose bush. I love the colourful way you painted it

    1. Thanks, Birgit. A dab here, a dab there. When the purple didn't dry completely after 2 days outside, I learned that it wasn't paint but ink for rubber stamps.


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