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Jane Austen, Villain?

"Thank goodness! The world knows I am not a villain!" exclaimed Jane Austen, Live Action Doll. She stood on the courthouse steps, tired and verily relieved that this whole nightmare of incarceration was over.

"While in prison, I met women who chose to be villains. Career criminals, mind you. Some where in their past, they lost hope and faith in humanity." Jane shook her head. "They are very sad, miserable people. I cannot help but feel sorry for them. However I do not excuse them for their horrible decisions to victimize others."

"If dear Tom Lefroy had not been my lawyer," Jane paused. She shook her head. "I do not want to imagine what my fate could have been."

Jane looked up into the heavens. "Thank goodness my undercover role has not been undermined. Onward and upward!"

My theme for this year's challenge is Jane Austen, Action Doll, Seeks a New Career.

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  1. What an entertaining series! Love the theme ;-)

  2. But what was she investigating whilst undercover in prison? :)

    1. Jane has zipped her lips. I suspect that it may have to do with elections.

  3. I was going to say, she doesn't look like a member of the Republican Party

    1. hahahahahaha. She does look askance at the current version of the GOP party.

  4. Ooh undercover Jane! Thank goodness no prison for her

  5. These are such fun posts.


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