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Tripping Solo

Mmmmm. I'm sipping a mocha with a big splash of Kahlua as I tippy tap my thoughts on the keyboard. Mmmmmm.

Today's adventure was a solo trip in the rain to Freedom for food for Molly the Cat. She ate the last acceptable can of victuals yesterday morning and the final crumbs of the dried food that she deems edible. Hence it was necessary to take the 90-minute round trip drive over the hill and through the pass today. Although the Husband is feeling better, he still felt spaced out with the virus to ride shotgun.

I can't recall the last time I drove by myself a far distance. Definitely years. What can I say? A long time ago, a bicycle repair guy who tuned up our beach cruisers asked us, "Do you do everything together?"  After which he told us that each of our rear wheels had a bent spoke in the same spot.

I was in a solitary frame of mind this morning so I didn't feel at all anxious, even when it began to rain and the windshield wipers did more smudging at first. I had planned to go further north to a market in Santa Cruz where I can buy organic spices, herbs, teas, and such from the bulk bins but I didn't want the stress of driving through the rain on the freeway. That can wait another two weeks or so when Molly's food cupboard needs replenishing.


  1. I drive everywhere but I dislike driving at night. My eyes are not what they used to be. If it is raining hard with wind, I dislike that as well. Right now we have snow but that doesn't bother me as much

    1. I don't like night driving anymore either. I'm continually looking to the right because of the oncoming lights. Because I rarely drive in snow, I get all tensed up when I do.

  2. You are such a good kitty-mother! Wishing your husband a speedy recovery so that you can drive out together next time.



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