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The Sky is Not Falling

Although there are moments when it seems like the sky is falling, especially when it comes to our federal government, which seems more so lately with the lack of leadership in our executive and legislative branches. Those currently in power seem hell-bent on funding the Haves and getting rid of the Have-Nots; hence, the folks clinging on to the sinking middle may feel they must choose between siding with the sanctimonious greedy and mighty insecure lackeys or being true to the Good Samaritan messages that our society preaches.


Frustration abounds.

Pitchforks and torches come out.

Usually the meek, the kind, the underdog are mobbed first and continually until the growling breaks out among those in power. Or, until enough of the mob breaks lose of the spell of curses it is under and defy the powerful that cast the spell.

I suspect that people who hate are scared. But, of what? A loss of property? A world of peace and love? Death? Is it as simple as fearing they will be put to death by the "other side" which says its objective to help the Have-Nots? It doesn't make sense.

This, too, will pass. "Always look on the bright side of life."


  1. Republicans have all 3 branches in their control

    but it's the democrats' fault.

    There has been no govt shutdown with a democratic congress, ever

  2. The fault is with both parties, more so with the GOP because that party is not interested in working towards any kind of compromises. Not just now but with all the years that they have been in power. There have been govt. shutdowns under Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush, Sr. when Democrats were in power in both the House and Senate.

  3. Interesting question ... I think it's fear of loss, whatever that loss may entail. I heard this wonderful saying a little while ago, which is highly relevant today, 'to the privileged, equality feels like oppression.'

    1. I looked it up, "“When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” I like both wording. Your quote makes more sense about those who believe they are high mucky-mucks and would lose their power and money,should the masses have the opportunity to be like them. Silly people.

    2. I tend to say, 'silly humans' a lot these days too. :)


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