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Book Review: The Kitchen God's Wife

Today I share the review I wrote at this afternoon about The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan.  See you tomorrow.

 The Kitchen God's WifeThe Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's true what people say about Amy Tan: She's one grand storyteller! This is the second novel that I've read of hers. I admit it has been sitting on my shelf for several years. When I first bought it, I read several pages and put it down because the conflicting relationship between the daughter and mother was so relatable. I didn't think I could handle the story.

So years later, nearly 2 years after my mom's spirit soared into the universe, I picked up the novel. When I finally went beyond the first few chapters, I was surprised to see that the main story was about Winnie's (the mother) life in China during WWII. She is telling her story of heartbreaking secrets to her daughter because Winnie's best friend, Helen, who lived through much of the past with Winnie, has stated that she, Helen, is dying and can no longer keep Winnie's secrets. If Winnie does not tell her daughter, she Helen will.

The story of Winnie is as I said heartbreaking, but it is also one of strength, perseverance, hope, and being brave to take opportunities when they come. She reminded me of my mom.


  1. Women's stories need to be told from generation to generation ... which is what you do with your stories of the Mama. :)

    1. Most definitely. While reading, I thought about the untold stories of women, especially my elders and peers, who I know.


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