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Timidity, Be Gone

A party has been going on in my head, and it has been rather rowdy at times.

We all do need to be rowdy once in a while, but within reason.

Within reason.  Who coined that phrase? How long did it take for others to start saying it? Before it was explained in a dictionary? In a grammar book? Is this phrase an idiom? Are idioms even taught anymore?

Pshew! See what I mean? A party is going on in my head!

Some of you may have thought that my idea of rowdy is making loud and happy noises, and possibly doing a silly prank or two on the Husband. That, of course. Sure. Maybe. Not telling. Giggle. 

Rowdy to me is also playing with words and sentences, and thoughts and concepts.

Once upon a time 11 years ago I jumped out of a plane. That was not hard at all. If you freeze, like I think I did, your instructor (the professional skydiver to whom you're hooked), merely pushes you over as he falls forward. Me jumping out of the plane (from 18,000 feet up in the air, too, mind you) was quite easy compared to taking a deep breath and letting my storytelling voice cough, laugh, dance, cry, shriek, sing, do somersaults, grit teeth, zen out, play solitaire, roar, and s-o-a-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r. 

My ability to hold that rowdy door open longer is increasing bit by bit, day be day. Thank you very much for listening.


  1. I don't think I would have the courage to jump out of a plane

    1. I don't know if it's courage that's needed. More like someone asks "Want to jump out of a plane?" and this crazy grin grows on your face thinking about it.

  2. That picture is so great and I could never do that ever. As for rowdy, yes....yes, I have

    1. I thought that would cure me of my fear of diving into water. Nope.

  3. If we break down the 'within reason' phrase into 'within' and reason' ... 'reason' being our intellect and thoughts ... then acting within 'reason' is to act within anything we can think of. :)


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