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Green Acres

It was so gooooood to get home this afternoon. We spent over an hour stuck on a barely moving rural road, which normally would've taken 10 minutes to drive. I feel sorry for the commuters. They have to deal with this every work day.

We three—the Husband, Molly the Cat, and I—live in an agricultural area in which the only way in and out of town are two-lane highways and back roads. It was not a big deal until maybe five or so years ago when construction of proposed developments approved 20 or so years ago finally went into full force. The building moratorium was dropped, which was imposed because the City had to fix its screwy sewage system.  Bam! Bam! Bam!

The bummer about this is that many people who work in Hollister live other places because they can't afford the homes. As for the people moving into the new homes, they drive the two-lane highways and back roads to Hwy 101, the main highway to the cities where they work. Our roads are essentially impacted teeth.

The Husband and I are not used to sitting in traffic anymore. I didn't even mention the big rig toting two huge trailers that got stuck turning left onto the road. Fortunately for us we were at the beginning of this incident so we managed to scoot around the obstruction before the traffic went kaput. The experience reminded me of inching through the San Francisco city streets to get onto the Bay Bridge exit during commute hours. Triple-packed in a sardine can.

C'est la vie. Yeah.

On a calmer, and happier, note, here's the Husband this evening finding zen with the iPad. He was sitting where the once-upon-a-time shed stood. Can you find Molly the Cat?


  1. Looks and sounds like a nightmare, and one I sometimes experience on my way home from work two mornings a week. At 7am my journey from home to work is less than ten minutes, at 8.30am it can take up to an hour as by then the kids are on their way to school and the normal morning traffic is clogged up by parents driving their lazy little darlings on a journey which is in walking distance of their homes anyway :( And yes, I spotted Molly the cat :)

    1. In the 1980s and 90s, I knew parents who drove their kids to school a few blocks away because they were worried of them being kidnapped or harmed by perverts. That was happening a lot then. I don't know if it like that now. I thought it was an American thing though. I was certainly glad when my commute became down the hall.

  2. I've been lucky, haven't gotten stuck for a long time

  3. I see Molly's tail. Does that count? :) ... we avoid all the major routes at 'rush hour' too. I can't imagine how I did a commute back in the day.

    1. That's her! Me either, commuting, whether by car or public transportation. I like to think those days are over for me.

  4. Your yard looks like a precious sanctuary. . . . nice place. (yes, i see Molly's tail . . giggle)


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