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Always, the Daddy

I imagine it going this way:

"Susie. Susie, hold still."

"You can go play in the water after I take the picture."

"Susie! Stop moving."

The photographer, who was probably the Mama, sighed. She most likely turned to the Daddy who knew what to do.

He crouched behind me, holding me in place.

"Susie smile at the camera."


No doubt the Mama sighed when she saw the photo. Oh, well.

Throughout my life, the Daddy always had my back.

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!

I'm hooking up with Seasons, a meme hosted by Jesh at Artworks from JeshStG. Click here to check out other participants. Toodle-ooo.


  1. Can tell you had a great relationship with your dad! Many thanks for sharing this treasure from your life with All Seasons! Have a beautiful week, Susie:)

    1. When the Mama wanted to make sure I got and understood an important message, she had the Daddy convey it. :-)

  2. Wonderful 'tude that little girl had! ... still got! :)

  3. I have a very similar photograph (actually a slide) that my father took with my mother trying to hide behind me. I was dressed as an elf for a Christmas party at an orphanage and when I got home I did not want my picture taken. I guess we all have our moments. How neat that your Dad always had your back.

    1. Spirited little girls we were, Betty. I love it.

  4. I hope you had a nice one. That looks like a great body of water between canyons behind you. Adorable photo.

    1. It was a creek in Santa Cruz (by the Boardwalk) that flowed into the Pacific Ocean. That was our 4th of July treat for a lot of years.

  5. Love your comment, "Daddy always had my back." So sweet!

    1. The Daddy was a sweetheart, which was fortunate for me.

  6. I am behind once again! A lovely way to think back to your days with your dad. Cute photo of you who seems to be very excited to go tothe spot where your eyes hunger to be


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