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Two Fridays Ago

Two Fridays ago, the sunflower plants (those standing green guys in the background of the photo) were about one-third the size they are today.

Two Fridays ago, I was sleeping off the effects of a robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy in a hospital room over an hour's drive away from home.

I am healing well, thank you. I think I have inherited the Mama's resilience genes. It could also be described as the gene that resists letting go, chilling, and not doing anything at all. Fortunately I have also inherited the Daddy's gene of that's enough being whatever, so I have decided that I will not work in the yard unless the Husband is with me. Did you think I was going to say not work at all? Ha!

I appreciate all your warm thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, and well wishes. They're all helping me get stronger each day.

Love you, one and all,

Su-sieee! Mac

P. S. I'll write about by not-so-hysterical adventures soon.


  1. Hurray!!!! A New, Colorful Post from My Friend . . Better Yet . . she has returned from her not-so-hysterical adventure . . . having been treated well by her Sweetheart . . and . . All Is Well . . Oh yes, Hurray!!!!

  2. Hisey Susie..
    You're home and mending don't do too much or else you will have other
    complications and we don't want any of 'that' do we ?
    My hysterectomy was referred to, by my naughty husband and equally naughty daughters as Mama's 'hysterical rectum'! I rest my case!
    I have left a reply to your comment on my post, if you care to stop by and have a read...
    Love n hugs
    Abcw team.

    1. The "Hysterical Rectum" hahahahahaha. Perfect description. I want to think that the worse of the gas is over.

  3. So glad to hear it went well. :D

    1. Success, the doctors told the Husband. Yay, success!

  4. Another hello...Waves... Hisey Su-sie.
    Hope you're getting better and 'betterer' by
    the day. My 'hubster'is getting stronger and also
    'betterer'by the day.
    Keep smiling (not too much if it hurts).
    Love n hugs,

    1. Hi, Di! I am getting better and betterer. Glad to hear so is Ian. At the moment I can't decide if I'm sleepy because I haven't got much exercise today or because I'm actually feeling tired. Why ask, right? Ah, the Husband just pulled into the driveway with lunch. Yaay! Hugs to you.

    2. Playing catch up again! I'm sorry to hear that you've had surgery and hope you'll be back to your old self soon.


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