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Thank You, Uterus!

Am I allowed to say I’m a cancer survivor when I didn’t know I had cancer?

On the fifth of May, as I lay groggily in a hospital bed, the Husband relayed the good news to me from the Surgeon. “’The surgery was a success!’” the Surgeon said.  Cancer was found but it was noninvasive.”


Last week, I went to my follow-up appointment with the Surgeon, who said again, with a big encouraging grin, “The surgery was a success!” He gave me a copy of my biopsy report, summing it as such: A benign tumor was found on the  layer of muscle tissue of the uterus wall and paratubal cysts were discovered on a fallopian tube. There were a lot of cancer cells, but they were all contained within my uterus. They had not yet embedded themselves into the uterus wall—the saving grace.

Several days later, my brain has begun to process it all.

I don’t understand it. How I got cancer. Was it because my womb, who really ought to have a name, didn’t get to carry life? I imagine my uterus was looking like Mrs. Havisham’s dining room with decades full of cobwebs and dust. Unlike Mrs. Havisham's place, my uterus did not reek of bitterness and sadness. Uterus was always cheerful and in the moment.
Dear Sweet Uterus,

Please know, Brave Uterus, how much I appreciated youI am very sorry that my body was unable to go the distance with you.

Gracias, Utero!

Merci, Utérus!

Danke, Gebarmutter!

Salamat, Matris!

Arigato, Shikyu!

Mahalo, Uterus!

Kumsumnida, Jagung!

Grazie, Utero!

Agyamanak unay kadakayo, Aanakan!

Many, many thanks, Uterus, for saving my life!

With the letter U, I am back to participating in ABC Wednesday. Thank you, ABCW Team! Click here to check out what bloggers around the world have written with the theme of U.


  1. Oh wow, Susie, I wished I had known ... You probably were as shocked as I am now. The good side of all of this is that not knowing saved you from fear and anxiety. Well, that you are still on earth in one piece (and am thankful to know you, dear Susie!!) must mean you have a purpose to be here on this earth:):)

    1. I have my whole life to learn what my purpose is. :-) You're right, Jesh. It was a good thing I didn't know about the cancer. I was told of the probability, which I translated to mean none at all. Good thing I didn't pay attention to my thoughts. Thank you, Jesh, for your encouraging words.

  2. glad it is benigh. thinking of my two benign breast cysts.

  3. I am very shocked but so glad it was found! I know that is an understatement since you must have just been gobsmacked as the British say. Jeannette is least you did not fret and wore beforehand about the cancer which is never good but we all do this. I'm glad it was caught so early and it shows how we don't even know we have cancer. Your way of looking at life and your hubby will make you well again. I can't help but think that your mom is guarding over you and is your angel because she was your angel in earth.

    1. "Gobsmacked"-- cool word. Perfect word, Birgit. Both the Mama and the Daddy were with me. In a way it reminded me of the afternoon of the prom when the Mama sent the Daddy in to give me a stern, but encouraging, talk to enjoy myself but don't do anything stupid. I guess she thought I listened more to the Daddy than to her.

  4. On one hand a big shock and on the other the knowledge that you've been, still are, so lucky!!! Thank God it al is okay!!!

    Have a united, splendid AbC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-team)
    In less then 6 weeks starting Round 21

  5. Glad you are healthy ~ lovely photo and awesome post for U ~ thanks,

    Happy Day to you ~ ^_^

  6. Dodged that bullet, eh? ... soooooo glad to hear it. :)

    1. I just realised I'm using the phrase, 'so good' in my comments on your last couple of posts ... it's true though, I am 'so glad'! :D

    2. Remember the song by the Cream "I'm so glad. I'm so glad. I'm glad. I'm glad. I'm glad." Soooooooo glad am I!

    3. No ... it probably never made it to Australia. :)

  7. Geez what a story ! maybe it was good that you didn't know anything before ! Love your sense of humor better to deal with humor than let yourself go ! Happy to hear that now everything is OK.

  8. Glad to here that everything is fine.

  9. High five.... I'm with you. I'd rather not know, that's why I don't do doctors.
    You always did have the knack of expressing the perfect analogy, Miss Haversham's
    cobwebby dinner table compared to your uterus. I love it. And of course, I've had a
    lot of side-tracky moments throughout my life where Haversham's withdrawal from
    life seemed to fit me perfectly.
    Now, onto your garden.
    For looking me up......I thank you.

    1. Hi ya, Belva, :-) This morning I worked in the garden for an hour. Molly the Cat made sure I didn't do more.

  10. Happy, Happy, Happy!!! Thank you for taking care of yourself, Thank you for keeping your spirits up, Thank your sweetie for Being A Sweetie, Thank you for the gorgeous rose bud, Thank you for a new posy AND Thank You for Being YOU!!!! love & love, -g-

    1. Hey I have an idea for a two-sided 45 record. "Happy" by Pharrell Williams on one side and "I'm so glad" by Cream on the other. Thinking that is getting me on the optimistic side right now. Merci beaucoup, G!

  11. Good heavens! I'm glad for the good outcome, but yeesh!


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