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Friday's Hunt v2.13

The cues for this week are: 1) Starts with M  2) Week's Favorite  3) Work

M is for marriage. The Husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage on Friday by taking a glider ride.  M is also for more than a mile up into the sky, which is how high up we went.  The Husband and I each soared individually with Pilot Bill. The Husband flew to the west, while I flew to the east.

I took lots and lots of photos. One of my favorite photos is the one of the little plane hard at work towing us in the sailplane towards the mountain ridge. When we got just above the ridge, Pilot Bill pressed a button to release the rope. Voila! We were sailing on the air at the greatest of ease.

I loved it!

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  1. Wow, what a brilliant way to celebrate your wedding anniversary - that must have been some experience! Love the photo too :)

  2. Wheeee! What a Thrill - 20 Years of Great Marriage - Sailing through the sky . . . Love & Love, -g-

  3. What an excellent way to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary. I couldn't do it since I am phobic about heights. You were not the only ones in the plane were you?? There has to be. Pilot even in these gliders right?? Am I being really blond right now?.

  4. That's quite an unusual celebration, lol ! Wouldn't have been for me ! I would do a balloon ride or a helicopter but not that !

  5. Oh my goodness, you are brave! I am a terrible flier. I can't stand being in any sort of aircraft, but being in a glider would be even more terrifying than usual. I wish I was brave like you!

  6. Fly On, Fly On, Richard and Sue, I love the meeting of flights two opposite directions joining as one...WHOO HOOO, Happy 20th...

  7. Congratulations, we just celebrated your 48th.

  8. Congratulations to you and your husband! That shot is just amazing! Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week.

  9. Susieee Mac, Aviatrix of the 21st Century!!! :)


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