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Gutsy Guys at Work

I had a few G thoughts to write about for ABC Wednesday this week. Alas, the day comes, and those ideas are lifeless. So, for today, I give you a photo of construction guys. They're working merely feet from the highway. Their job is one that requires a lot of guts.

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  1. Thank goodness for the gutsy guys and gals who do the jobs most of us would be afraid of.

  2. That is tough and dangerous work since some people are crazy on the roads

    1. They looked so nonchalant out there, as if we weren't all whizzing by.

  3. tough work.... good choice for this weeks letter, I am glad that their work is not mine

    Have a nice ABC-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-team)

    1. Thanks. Once upon a time I wanted to drive those big construction machines. Even took the test for the apprenticeship and was put on the waiting list.

  4. It is quite demanding to work outside in the sun

  5. I'm betting they were also broiling out there.

    1. I was wondering if it was cool, with all the wind from the cars and the coastal fog heading out.

  6. GOODNESS GRACIOUS me! Susie stuck for words, never!
    I volunteered to do the G introduction to save poor Roger doing it, he was not very well and was swamped down with other work.
    I had loads of ideas for G until I actually sat down at looked at a blank screen and blank it stayed for nearly a week, then i remembered GOOD old Worzel GUMMIDGE so I GOT cracking.
    Although it seemed ok there was so much more i could have written then it would have been more interesting BUT,
    We all have those sort of Numb brain moments and can't bring ourselves to GET moving and you, dear friend have more than enough reason to feel just like that.
    Losing your dear Mama must have knocked you sideways and I really do admire you and the dear Husband's fortitude for carrying on with life especially how you
    have bravely carried on tending The Mama's wonderful haven, her beloved garden.
    Thinking about you with lots of 'love n hugs' winging their way across the mighty Atlantic and the great highways of the USA.
    ABCW team.

    1. I'm loving your hugs, Di, thank you very much. I'm sending some back at you. You give me much too much credit though about the Mama's garden. The garden has been taking good care of itself with minimal help from me. I was very good April, May, and a bit of June. Hot temps. Molly's teeth. The Husband's Pacemaker. When both were in the clear, I dropped the ball. I am surprised by the Mama's flowers and trees. But then the Mama has tended them for so many years, they still have a lot of her love in their tanks.

      On the Mama's B'day on Thursday, I went out and cleared a bit of the front lawn and planted three of her jade plants that had grown too big for their pot. It has inspired me to try other things. We shall see. :-)

    2. Talking about scarecrows try Denise's blog at ( or her facebook site load of stuff about scarecrows on there,Good luck !
      hugs Di xx Hope Husband's pacemaker is working ok and Molly's teeth are ok too! xxx


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