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Tools for Fun

 Gosh, it's been one busy week. I apologize to the blog hops and memes that I hooked up with this week. I'm very late about visiting other bloggers, as well as responding here on The View from the Top of the Ladder. That's my plan tomorrow. 

Among the things the Husband and I did today was a stop at the art supplies store so I could spend my birthday money. I purchased a lot of cool stuff for the Husband and me to have fun with—suede boards, colored pencils, colored pens, drawing pad, Mod Podge, fabric glue, air-dry clay, and oven-bake clay.  Whooo-hooo! It's great being 62-years-old.


  1. It's great being 62? I don't's been so long ago. I have my birthday this month too. It's a milestone one. What are you doing with all the supplies?

    1. Happy Birthday, Betty! The Husband and I are going to have fun. I'm thinking that we need to dedicate one afternoon each week as an Art Day. Hmmm, maybe that ought to be our Christmas gift to each other.

  2. I miss you at
    Herzlich Pippa

    1. I'll be there at the beginning of the year, Pippa. :-)

  3. Wheeeee
    Fun, fun, fun
    Now we'll see more of your delightful pictures. I have no idea what you
    will do with any of that so you can surprise me.

    1. Me, either, Manzi. When I was going through the suede boards, I saw a pastel painting done on one. So that got me to get several boards. At 30 cents to $2/board, why not.

  4. Replies
    1. Too bad you and the Missus don't live nearby. You can join us.


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