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Rooty Toot Toot

A warning for delicate ears: Bodily toots are being mentioned on today's post. (giggle)

Yesterday, I wrote  how I forgot the topic about which I wanted to write. Well, it came to mind last night when I saw a cartoon that a friend posted on Facebook. Thanks, Thomas.

So, here's what I couldn't remember yesterday. (giggle)

I'm one of those people whose body systems get all relaxed when she wanders around a bookstore. The moment I enter the door, total zen. Unfortunately for those around me, I'm one of those book browsers who not only gives the occasional loud ah! when she sees an interesting book cover, but also an occasional silent toot, leaving a lingering aroma. I try not to, but, hey better out than in.

Sorry for the TMI, but it's to set you up for this next paragraph. (snort)

The future-Husband and my first adventure included a visit to a used bookstore in his neighborhood. I have no idea if the shop still exists. I hope it's still there. It's a grand store and not solely because the future-Husband brought me there. Way in the back of the store (giggle), I came across a sign pointing to a corner nook. It was the first time I'd ever seen a sign like it in a bookstore (giggle). Or any business, for that matter. I don't recall the precise words (snort). It went something like this—FART HERE

The future-Husband and I were meant to be. 


  1. ha! Can't tell you how many aisles I've vacated in a hurry these past few years!

  2. Too funny and if someone says they never have..I don't believe them:) Years ago, VHS was being rented, my husband and our friend and myself-we went to the video store. I broke away and was looking at other films and could see my ex and his friend about 5 0'clock-behind me. All of a sudden I heard this very loud...I mean loud fart, I look toward their direction and there was my ex hiding behind one of the video cases-ducking, leaving his friend for all to stare at. You see his friend was on crutches and couldn't escape. Everyone thought the friend did the loud toot when it was my ex.

    1. hahahahahahahahaha. A friend did that to me, too. Except it was a loud burp. hahahaha

  3. When i was in school, we classified different kinds . . "Silent But Deadly" was the type considered most lethal . . . (giggle)

  4. Never heard the word 'toot' used for a fart until I landed on the North American continent. In OZ a fart is a fart is a fart! :)

  5. Really? Well, these days you would take out your phone and take a picture of that sign.

    1. Yup, I would, Linda. The Husband says the bookstore still exists. I wonder if the sign does, too.


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