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It's Really Rain

The big news is that it has been raining today. Those glorious drops of water on the Mama's rose are raindrops. Hurrah! Showers were steadily beating the rooftops and roads between very early this morning (maybe 1:00 a.m.) and just before noon.  It looks like more rain is on the way. Maybe even a thunderstorm or two.  Whoo-hooo!

I got happily soaked twice, once walking around the neighborhood, taking photos. As I was bending down by a gutter taking photos, a  driver at the stop sign called over to me, "Are you okay?" It took me a moment to realize he was speaking to me. I stood up and turned, pointing to my camera, "I'm fine. I'm taking photos."

He laughed. "Thanks very much," I said. He waved and drove away.

The second time was a quick dash over by bicycle to the godmother. When I left her house, I felt like bicycling more in the rain. I was good and whooshed straight home.

The Mama said it the best about our good fortune today, "It's really rain!"


  1. A lovely photo - I love the raindrops on the rose.

    We have had some very odd weather round here over the last couple of days. In the immediate area round home - blue sky and glorious sunshine. Just a few hundred yards up the road - thick fog. That was yesterday, today it was the other way round. Very odd :(

    1. I think it's a combination of climate change and that slight shifting of the axle when we had all those earthquakes a couple years ago.

  2. Hurray for the rain!!!! Golly, what a lovely photo . . .

  3. I know how much you need rain in your part of the world. I hope it continues, slow and steady, so that the earth can take as much of it as it can.

    1. We had only that day's worth. That cold front also kicked in the Autumn chilly weather. Yay!

  4. Congrats on finally getting rain and this lovely picture of the rose says so much

  5. It appears El Nino is sending warm wet weather your way and warm dryer weather ours. However seeing as this is a rainforest up here, the autumn rainfall that started, off and on, a week or two ago, hasn't got the memo!
    Lovely rose ... by any other name would still glisten with raindrops.

    1. I'm wondering if it'll be Southern California that will be hit the most by El Nino this year. I'll be happy with whatever we get. Local agencies are thinking ahead with public workshops and free sandbags int he event we do get it bad. Good for them.


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