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A Slow-Thinking Day

Klunga-langa-tank. Klunga-langa-tank. Klunga-langa-langa-langa-lagna-langa-tank!

That's the Husband's and my new song, based on the sound my purple pencil makes when I push on the end of it. Over and over. And over. And, over.

Words are on strike in my brain today. Or, maybe it's my brain that's on strike. The words are simply in their cubbyholes waiting to be put together into a story. So, if you please, I hope you'll come back tomorrow for my Alphabe Thursday post about the Gilroy Yamamoto Hot Springs.

Ciao. And chow, I would definitely like right now.


  1. Oh I have been there and have decided to just walk away and let the brain sleep

    1. The best remedy. Yup, yup, yup. Mine says it wouldn't mind a couple of weeks.

  2. Well, you're not the first. Many people who are on my blogroll are saying the
    same thing. What is this brain thing? It must be catching. Anyway, you have
    a new song. lol

    1. Maybe it's that hour of sleep we got back from the time change. I tried it with 2 pencils. I wonder if that's how musical instruments got invented. hahaha

  3. Might be Tilda-Hilda sending you Morse code messages!

    1. You're right, Widders. She had me pedaling around the neighborhood today. I was protesting all the way.


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