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Rock the Kasbah with Bill Murray

I don't care what the movie reviewers say, I like Rock the Kasbah, the latest Bill Murray film. One reviewer, who began his review by saying how much he liked Murray, panned the movie because Murray was in nearly every scene. Hello. Murray was the main character. The story was about his journey. Duh?

Maybe some reviewers couldn't handle Kate Hudson's character, Merci, a sultry, golden-hearted prostitute, in love with Bill Murray's character, Rich, an older, down-on-his-luck music promoter. Why not? The pairing reminded me of Goldie Hawn and Walter Matthau in Cactus Flower. Matthau's craggy look was quite handsome in my eyes.

Perhaps the reviewers couldn't believe the story taking place in Afghanistan. That it was really quite a stretch to have Murray play someone who was able to persuade an Afghan American Idol-like show to let a young woman from a small remote village sing on national television.

Or, maybe the reviewers felt it was too unbelievable for Murray to play a character that straightforwardly negotiates with everyone who has a gun in his hand. It's a movie. A fantasy. Not real life. Golly, gee.

What do I know? I also liked Bill Murray in The Razor's Edge.

I'm glad I don't pay attention to the critics.


  1. It's entertainment, right?
    More and more I find that I disregard the critics!

    1. Many of the people we know disregard critics, which makes me wonder who does. It's not simply movie critics that bug me. Food reviewers, book reviewers, any kind of reviewers of a craft, art, or whatever else. It bothers me that a bad review is so dismissive to all the sweat, passion, and hard work some one put into producing his/her creation.

  2. Sometimes film critics, or critics in general, believe in their own omniimpotence. They think they know all. Later, the film gains a cult status and you hear the same critics laud the same film as a masterpiece. I like Bill Murray and I want to see this film. It looks like it would be quite funny. What kills me is you can have George Clooney fall for some 25 yr old in a film and it is considered aok because of his good looks. Bill Murray doesn't have the same Matinee idol looks so he gets slammed. Another case in point is Cary Grant with Audrey Hepburn (Charade)

    1. So, true, Birgit, about the critics and it being okay for old handsome guys to be with young women. I'd like to see a movie with Clooney and Kathy Bates being the couple in love. But, then, George may just not have enough pizazzz for Kathy.

  3. Ya Hoo...I agree with you because it looks fun to me. I want to see it. Thank you mah'm. I haven't been on facebook for a very long time but I was on just recently and I saw a picture of you and the husband in your "shirts" and I love that picture of both of you. A joyful week end to you you.

    1. Why, us and us, that's who you you are. :-) Hello, Manzi! I made that shirt for the Husband. I'm looking around for the "right" pieces of fabric to make me one.

  4. Hmm-mm ... will put this on my TBW list.


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