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The Husband and I found a market yesterday in Santa Cruz that sells beef liver and beef soup bones that I can trust. The Mama has been wanting soup-bone soup lately, too.

We bought three half-pound frozen containers of liver. Two containers went into the freezer, while the liver in third one was cooked with onions, garlic powder, salt, and soy sauce for the Mama's and my dinner last night. The Husband does not eat liver, no matter how much I tell him I cook so he'd think it was steak. He won't bite. So, he got leftover Chinese food to eat.

This morning, I asked the Mama if she liked the liver. "Yes," she said. "I feel stronger." 



  1. That is terrific and it will help your mom but I would be eating Chinese too:)

    1. I tell you, Ladies, I cook liver so it does taste like steak. And you'd get lots of onions and mushrooms on the side. Yummm.

  2. Thanks to you I had liver too. When you first mentioned it, I looked in the freezer and behold (ta dum...celestial music) there was a package of liver. It was delish.

    1. Cool! I can't get over how the Mama looked and acted better after eating the liver. She even walked a little faster.


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