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Time Flies. . .

When you have much to do. Yup. Time flies. Fly, fly, time.

Within the next six hours, I plan to do this:

Finish the Husband's tunic. All I need to do is attach the sleeves and sides, then hem it up.

Make an appetizer.  The Husband and I are going to a party tonight. Fun. Maybe I'll make cheesy olive balls. They're easy to make, but that means going to the store for olives and cheddar cheese.

Put together a photo collage.  It's for a luncheon fundraiser tomorrow. I could probably do that after the party, if I print the photos beforehand. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Get this post done.  I threw this in so I can feel like I'll have accomplished something once its published.  Always look for the positive, I say.

Thank goodness, I finished reading my novel last night, otherwise I'd forget about doing these things I plan to do. Enchanted  August by Brenda Bowen.  Just like the title, the story was enchanting.

I could go for either a cup of coffee or a lovely cocktail.  That's not going to happen. So, I'll just pretend to smell the flowers.  See ya.


  1. Crazy Smiling Car and beautiful Flowers! You must be in super creative mode.
    This is Good.

    1. Let's say that I'm chipping away at the super creative mode that is being shy about coming out.

  2. Now that is one crazy looking car:) Love what you did with the image. The flowers look pretty =right out of some impressionist painting. Hope you have a lot of fun going out

    1. Thanks, Birgit. Last night's party was fun. I managed to put together an appetizer that was edible. Even a couple of guys asked me what was in it. I didn't do the cheese olive balls. Found something simpler to assemble. I stuffed a pickled sweet cherry pepper with salame and provolone cheese and topped it with a bit of chive. Bam!


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