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Ms. Molly

"I own all that I see," says Molly, sashaying down the paths of the Mama's garden.

I've caught her eating bean leaves and sitting happily in a box of green onions. When I scold and shoo her from the veggies, she retorts, "You have no business telling me what to do."

Glaring at me, Molly kindly moves away from where she's not supposed to be.


  1. Well! As long as she doesn't pee on the veggies and fruit is the best you can hope for, If she's smarter than the 'average cat' she'll probably go in a neighbour's garden.

    Cheers !
    Di ,,xx

    1. hahaha. I love your humor, Di. Molly doesn't get that she can pee and poop outdoors. I'm happy about that. It does crack me up when I see her come inside and go directly to her litter box.

  2. cats- they're either the queen or king of all they survey- didn't you know? lol her tail tells the tale about her feelings, for sure!

  3. hahahaaa-Molly is being true to herself. I love that shot, her back legs look like those wooly chaps cowboys wear

    1. haha, they do look like cowboy chaps. I love how that orange pops up on her back legs like the black line in silk stockings.

  4. LOL sounds about right. Heh What a cute little bit of attitude she has as she saunters away ;)


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