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Watching the Mama's Garden Grow—Seven Weeks Later

The Asian pear tree
Back in May, Molly the Cat suggested I keep tabs on how certain parts of the Mama's garden are progressing throughout the summer. Here's the original post.  And, here are what those spots look like seven weeks later.

Bean vines are climbing up the wires. The Mama has harvested a hand full already.

Other kind of beans are growing in the middle boxes.
See how well the morning glories have grown.

Because it's not being watered as much (drought, you know), the apple tree
hasn't many leaves. A few apples are growing though. You can see one near the
top right hand corner of the picture.
Mama planted four eggplant plants at the end of May. I'm impressed at how they're bursting with fruit in simply four weeks. We ate one eggplant last week. It looks like we'll be eating more soon.


  1. What a wealth of green and food despite the drought. On Saturday, in my neck of the woods, it rained all day. It wasn't sprinkling either-a constant downpour.

    1. I'm jealous, Birgit. We're getting a downpour of heat right now.

  2. That is a really beautiful garden.

    1. The Mama thanks you, Sweetbearies. She lives for the garden.

  3. Hmm ... I don't know why but I always thought eggplants grew on the ground, like punkins and squashes ... I am now illuminated! :)

    1. Until I went to Hawaii, I thought pineapples grew on trees and coconuts were round. I wonder what else I don't know. lol


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