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Day 19 with Tilda-Hilda

I woke up this morning thinking it was late only to find out that I'd waken up early. The bright light filtering through the side of the curtains faked me out. Just as well.

We don't have a clock in the bedroom. So, I use the outside sounds as my gauge to the time. The other morning the early bird started chirping around 4 a.m. How did I know that? Because I went to the bathroom and before heading back to the bedroom, I popped into the office to stick my face right up at the digital clock on the radio. I could have put my glasses on to look down the stairs at the clock hanging in the living room. But, then I'd have had to turn on the light. No, thank you. Too bright. I wanted to fall back to sleep. And, I did to the pleasant song of the early bird.

So, today, Tilda-Hilda and I zigzagged through the neighborhoods for a nearly 11 and-a-half mile ride. One hour and five minutes, thank you kindly.

Forward, onward, and upward.


  1. Oh I get up around that same time for a bathroom break and hear the birds sing-actually it is really nice to fall back to sleep to. Look at you go with Tilda-Hilda!

    1. I bet it's the same for you -- a good night of sleep is not waking up to go to the bathroom. :-)

  2. YOu are doing great with the mileage on the bike.

    1. Thanks, Sweetbearies. Soon, I'll be able to start doing the longer routes.

  3. I love your Tilda-Hilda posts. I may not comment on all of 'em, but I love 'em just the same. :)


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