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Sunday Ramble

Who thinks Sunday is the start of the week? Who sees it as the end of the week? And, who shrugs and asks, "Is today Sunday?"

"Wake up you sleepy heads!" Molly the Cat meowed rather insistently outside our bedroom door. I was ready to float back to sleep. So much for being lazy this morning.

Today, I hope to get the Husband and me out the door to stretch our legs on a nearby trail. I'd like to see the green slopes and wildflowers before they are no longer.

All signs say that we'll be going through another year of severe drought. A few weeks back, the newspapers were carrying stories that stated our reservoirs hold only one year's worth of water. In our county, the powers-that-be has decided to continue with educating us about water conservation rather than fining us for excessive use. Unfortunately, the stubborn folks, who don't believe that the drought is horribly bad, will continue to make sure their lawns are green.  For the past two years, we tell the Mama she has to choose -- water for her lawn or for her vegetables and flowers. The lawn is again starting to look ragged.

I'm always hoping for rain.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

This coming Wednesday starts Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. Every day, except for Sunday, I shall be posting something around the letter of the day. This is my third year of doing the challenge, and this year I decided to go with a theme. Dat da da dahhhhh. . . Food!

It'll be all about food, in some way.  Mostly, I'll be sharing my memories of food, for instance, stories about shredding coconut, butchering chickens, and the Mama getting 60 pounds of tripe. Perhaps a recipe now and then, and sometimes a post about current food stuff, such as magical meringue, my dream kitchen, and cooking the holy trinity.

Stay tuned, dear readers.


  1. We just bought a food processor yesterday! We have been using the ordinary knife to cup up veggies. We have to get used to it. My hubby thought he would chop up the peppers and mushrooms...he pureed them instead-hahahaaaa. I was able to slice up onion-yippee! That's it for now. It will be fun to read your challenge. Enjoy the walk today. Here it is still so cold-we had -12 last night. Everything is grey and yucky. I hope you will get some rain this year

    1. Hurrah for the food processor! I have a mini one that I use for when I want itty-bitty pieces of things. I don't mind cutting as long as the knife is sharp.

      We had 75 degree weather, I'm kinda sorry to tell you. The grass is greener on the other side cause I'd rather it be cold and dark and rainy right now. Like a regular March.

  2. Well this should be a fun month of posts!!

  3. Water certainly isn't the problem here, the opposite in fact. Too much ... but living in Australia for so long ingrained my water conservation habits far too deeply to let go of, even if I wanted to.

  4. Susie,

    I'm sorry to hear your water supply is low. Constantly trying to conserve water and deal with dust is hard. We've also suffered long periods of drought. We had water restrictions, and fines if you were caught breaking them. Our water is also very expensive. Probably not a good idea to waste it even if it's not in short supply! I am happy to report it rained overnight, there are puddles everywhere and a drought is nowhere in sight for us! I hope your weather forecast is wrong and you get some good rain too.

    1. This drought is the most worrisome that I've lived through yet. The Mama doesn't believe it is, but I don't think she realizes how overpopulated our world has become. I suppose in her mind having a green lawn is a sign of wealth. We were at the doctor's yesterday and she commented on how green the lawn was around the medical buildings. It made me sick to my stomach. How can I convince the Mama that we need to water the lawn even less when she sees long expanses of grass.


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