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A Mellow Yellow Field


Isn't this field of yellow mustard lovely? It was quite happy, I thought, because of the rain. This weekend our area had its first rainstorm of the year. Hopefully, we'll get more rain to soften the blow of another year of drought.

Being that I caught such a mellow yellow field with the camera, I hooked up with Monday Mellow Yellows, hosted by Gemma Wiseman. Click here to check other mellow yellow photos by bloggers around the world.


  1. The heavy laden sky highlights the mustard color of the field.

    1. I must confess that I edited the photo to make the colors of the field and sky even more pronounced.

  2. Wow! great photo with the colours that complement one another. Love it. By the way I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog award because I just love your blog. It will be up tomorrow morning

  3. Nice photo, these colors and light are gorgeous!

  4. Lovely pic :)
    Nice Name for the post. Does justice :)

  5. Blue and yellow - a beautiful combination!

  6. Storms always look so much more dangerous in sunlight ... and that hunter in the top left corner - looking for lunch in the fields.

  7. What a lovely and moody shot.

  8. At first, I thought that this was a field of canola. The yellow glows under the stormy sky. A grand scene.


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