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Teaching the Alphabet

"Sometimes it's a good idea to teach A, B, D, C rather than the usual A, B, C, D."

That's what I said at a job interview for a youth counselor position in the late 1970s. I cannot recall what the interviewers had asked me, nor can I remember why I chose to give a "thinking out of the box" response.  This was my second interview for the position so perhaps I tried to sabotage myself. I was very good about things like that back then.

I did not get the job. No surprise there. But, I figured it was more so because I didn't have the desired skill of being bilingual in Spanish. A month later, the group offered me a temporary position as one of the eligibility officers for its summer youth employment program. That job turned out to be more compatible with my personality.

A few days on the job, I met the woman who was hired for the youth counselor position. Unlike me, she had a working relationship with the interviewers, having previously worked with them in temporary summer positions. Like me, she had recently returned to her home town. She also did not speak Spanish fluently.

Maybe the interviewers did consider my answer flaky.

I'm participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this month. To check out other participants, click here. See you tomorrow.


  1. I think your response was clever! I couldn't agree more. Sometimes you have to look at things out of order in order to see the magic. You stick to your A, B, D, C. Don't let those silly interviewers keep you in a box.

  2. What an interesting way to put it. It's unfortunate that our world prefers analytical people to creative people. May your tribe prosper!

    1. "May your tribe prosper!" What a wonderful phrase, Devika.

  3. Chuck all the letters into a hat and draw one out each day. See what happens!

    1. LOL. That would be fun. I almost want to go teach school again to try it.

  4. Great way to think outside the box but many are not forward thinkers-love your style


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